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Privacy & Security

Privacy violations are a serious threat to the health of the Internet and the effective use of technology. We study how people understand their privacy as users of technology, examine and document the risks and opportunities of privacy-related policies at various levels of society, and help build tools and techniques to ensure individual identities and data are protected.

Existing regulatory requirements and privacy practices in common use are not sufficient to address the risks associated with long-term, large-scale data activities.

Practical Approaches to Big Data Privacy Over Time

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Assembly is a collaboration with the MIT Media Lab that explores different modes of education, collaboration, and development. More

Berklett Cybersecurity

The Berklett Cybersecurity project is a unique forum for discussing true and important, and often novel, facts, and perspectives, and achieving surprising consensus on enduring… More

Privacy Initiatives

The Berkman Klein Center has long been home to a number of cross-disciplinary initiatives that investigate privacy and privacy-relevant questions in the digitally networked… More

Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data

This project seeks to further the tremendous value that can come from collecting, analyzing, and sharing data while more fully protecting individual privacy. More

Youth and Media

Youth and Media (YaM) encompasses an array of research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth (age 12-18) and digital technology. More

The goal of SocialPhysics is to give people more control over their digital identities: their online identities, personal information and social relationships. More

Student Privacy Initiative

The Student Privacy Initiative-- part of the Center's growing suite of Privacy Initiatives-- aims to surface, identify, and evaluate central privacy issues and opportunities that… More


The Surveillance project is drawing a map of the different forms and impacts of surveillance online. Funded by the MacArthur Foundation and run in collaboration with our partner… More

Publications 47

Nov 1, 2018

Differential Privacy

A Primer for a Non-Technical Audience

This primer aims to provide a foundation that can guide future decisions when analyzing and sharing statistical data about individuals, informing individuals about the privacy… More

Oct 18, 2018

Is Privacy Privacy?

How have different technical and normative conceptions of privacy evolved? What are the practical challenges that these divergent approaches pose? More

Aug 21, 2018

Bridging the Gap between Computer Science and Legal Approaches to Privacy

A look at the gaps that exist between how privacy risks are conceptualized between the fields of law and computer science More

Aug 3, 2018

A Harm-Reduction Framework for Algorithmic Fairness

Any evaluation of algorithmic fairness must consider a counterfactual analysis of the effects that algorithmic design, implementation, and use have on the well-being of… More

May 2, 2018

Encryption Policy And Its International Impacts: A Framework For Understanding Extraterritorial Ripple Effects

This paper explores the potential international ripple effects that can occur following changes to domestic encryption policies. More

Mar 12, 2018

Practical Approaches to Big Data Privacy Over Time

This article analyzes how privacy risks multiply as large quantities of personal data are collected over longer periods of time. More

Sep 13, 2017

Cross-Border Data Access Reform

A Primer on the Proposed U.S.-U.K. Agreement

A brief primer on how cross-border data access requests currently work, options for reform, and major challenges to reform ahead. More

Dec 29, 2016

The Transparency Reporting Toolkit: Guide & Template

for Reporting on U.S. Government Requests for User Information

This guide provides a practical starting point for companies that want to create or improve their transparency reports. More

Sep 26, 2016

Privacy and Cybersecurity Research Briefing

This research briefing aims to translate findings from ongoing Berkman Klein Center privacy and cybersecurity research and activities into practical considerations and takeaways… More

Sep 26, 2016

Student Privacy and Ed Tech (K-12) Research Briefing

This research briefing builds upon student privacy research and activities, and aims to translate these into practical take-aways.  More

Sep 26, 2016

Privacy and Open Data Research Briefing

This research briefing offers a snapshot of recent developments in the open data and privacy landscape, outlines an action map of various governance approaches to protecting… More

Jun 29, 2016

Privacy and Student Data

An Overview of Federal Laws Impacting Student Information Collected Through Networked Technologies

Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic, based at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, has prepared this guide to provide a high-level overview of two of the major federal… More

May 31, 2016

Towards a Modern Approach to Privacy-Aware Government Data Releases

Governments are under increasing pressure to promote transparency, accountability, and innovation by making the data they hold available to the public. Because the data often… More

Mar 31, 2016

Elements of a New Ethical Framework for Big Data Research

The Berkman Center is pleased to announce the publication of a new paper from the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project team. In this paper, Effy Vayena, Urs Gasser,… More

Feb 16, 2016

Cloudy with a Conflict of Laws

How Cloud Computing Has Disrupted the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty System and Why It Matters

This paper describes how the fractal complexity of cloud computing’s physical geography has fractured the system of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs) that arose during the… More

Feb 11, 2016

A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products

In this paper, which is modeled on a similar effort in 1999 by researchers from George Washington University, Berkman Fellow Bruce Schneier and collaborator Kathleen Seidel… More

Feb 1, 2016

Don't Panic: Making Progress on the "Going Dark" Debate

This report from the Berkman Center's Berklett Cybersecurity Project offers a new perspective on the "going dark" debate from the discussion, debate, and analyses of an… More

Jan 12, 2016

Between Openness and Privacy in Genomics

In this report, which was published in PLOS Medicine, the authors examine the questions around access to genomic data. They argue that the real breakthrough in reconciling privacy… More

Jul 30, 2015

Student Privacy: The Next Frontier

Emerging & Future Privacy Issues in K-12 Learning Environments

Building off several prior working meetings which mapped and considered the implications of the new and rapidly evolving ecosystem of networked technology being used with… More

Apr 7, 2015

Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media

An ebook presenting diverse views, experiences, and insights on key challenges and opportunities

“Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media,” is a first-of-its kind collection of essays that offers reflections from diverse perspectives on youth… More

Mar 27, 2015

Integrating Approaches to Privacy Across the Research Lifecycle: When Is Information Purely Public?

This workshop report, the second in a series, identifies selected questions and explores issues around the meaning of “public” in the context of using data about individuals for… More

Feb 17, 2015

Youth and Online News: Reflections and Perspectives

Youth and Media is pleased to announce the publication of "Youth and Online News: Reflections and Perspectives," a series of short essays written by friends and colleagues that… More

Dec 16, 2014

Internet Monitor 2014: Reflections on the Digital World

The Internet Monitor project's second annual report—Internet Monitor 2014: Reflections on the Digital World—is a collection of roughly three dozen short contributions that… More

Aug 3, 2014

Integrating Approaches to Privacy across the Research Lifecycle: Long-term Longitudinal Studies

This paper explores interdisciplinary approaches to privacy in long-term longitudinal studies of human subjects. Long-term longitudinal studies collect, at multiple points over a… More

Jun 2, 2014

Framing the Law & Policy Picture: A Snapshot of K-12 Cloud-Based Ed Tech & Student Privacy in Early 2014

This paper provides a snapshot of key aspects of a diverse—and heated—law, policy, and implementation debate that is taking place in the rapidly evolving cloud-based ed tech… More

Jan 15, 2014

Student Privacy and Cloud Computing at the District Level: Next Steps and Key Issues

This report offers recommended next steps and prioritized open issues in the K-12 educational technology (edtech) space, with a special emphasis on two topics: (1) law and policy… More

Jan 15, 2014

K-12 Edtech Cloud Service Inventory

Created for and informed by the co-organized Berkman Center and Consortium for School Networking working meeting on November 19, 2013, this document aims to provide individuals… More

Jan 15, 2014

Youth Perspectives on Tech in Schools: From Mobile Devices to Restrictions and Monitoring

This research brief, prepared by the Berkman Center’s Youth and Media project for the co-organized Berkman Center and Consortium for School Networking working meeting on student… More

Dec 11, 2013

Internet Monitor 2013

Reflections on the Digital World

Internet Monitor 2013: Reflections on the Digital World, the Internet Monitor project's first-ever annual report, is a collection of essays from roughly two dozen experts around… More

Aug 22, 2013

Teens and Mobile Apps Privacy

58% of American teens have downloaded an app to a cell phone or tablet. More than half of teen apps users have avoided an app due to concerns about sharing their personal… More

Aug 14, 2013

Where Teens Seek Online Privacy Advice

Many teens ages 12-17 report that they usually figure out how to manage content sharing and privacy settings on their own. Focus group interviews with teens suggest that for their… More

May 21, 2013

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

Teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they have in the past, but they are also taking a variety of technical and non-technical steps to… More

Mar 13, 2013

Teens and Technology 2013

Smartphone adoption among American teens has increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive. One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users, who say… More

Nov 20, 2012

Parents, Teens, and Online Privacy

Parents have a range of concerns about how their children’s online activities might affect their privacy and many have taken steps to monitor their children and encourage online… More

Sep 17, 2012

Bullying in a Networked Era: A Literature Review

This research update presents an aggregation and summary of recent academic literature on youth bullying. The purpose of this document is to “translate” scholarly research for a… More

Feb 23, 2012

Youth and Digital Media: From Credibility to Information Quality

Building upon a process- and context-oriented information quality framework, this paper seeks to map and explore what we know about the ways in which young users of age 18 and… More

Aug 1, 2011

Online Security in the Middle East and North Africa

A Survey of Perceptions, Knowledge, and Practice

The recent surge in digital activism that has helped to shape the Arab spring has been met with stiff resistance by governments in the region intent on reducing the impact of… More

Oct 14, 2010

2010 Circumvention Tool Usage Report

This paper evaluates the usage of blocking-resistant circumvention tools, simple web proxies, and VPN services and finds that overall usage of circumvention tools is still very… More

Jun 22, 2010

Sexting: Youth Practices and Legal Implications

This document addresses legal and practical issues related to the practice colloquially known as sexting. It was created by Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic, based at the… More

Jun 15, 2010

Working Towards a Deeper Understanding of Digital Safety for Children and Young People in Developing Nations

An Exploratory Study by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, in Collaboration with UNICEF

This paper's main objectives are: to raise awareness about issues related to digital safety for youth in developing nations; to provide a tentative map of these issues and give… More

Apr 28, 2010

How the COPPA, as Implemented, Is Misinterpreted by the Public: A Research Perspective

Statement to the United States Senate, Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Statement by danah boyd, Urs Gasser, and John Palfrey, urging consideration of the gap between the intentions of COPPA and how children and their parents perceive its… More

Apr 12, 2010

Youth, Privacy and Reputation (Literature Review)

The scope of this literature review is to map out what is currently understood about the intersections of youth, reputation, and privacy online, focusing on youth attitudes and… More

Feb 24, 2010

Response to FCC Notice of Inquiry 09-94 “Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape”

The response synthesizes current research and data on the media practices of youth, focusing on three main areas -- 1) Risky Behaviors and Online Safety, 2) Privacy, Publicity and… More

May 1, 2009

Youth, Creativity, and Copyright in the Digital Age

This paper describes research findings that show young people operate in the digital realm overwhelmingly ignorant of the rights, and to a lesser degree the restrictions,… More

Mar 5, 2009

2007 Circumvention Landscape Report: Methods, Uses, and Tools

A large variety of different projects have developed tools that can be used to circumvent Internet filtering, allowing people in filtered countries access to otherwise filtered… More

Dec 27, 2008

The Public and the Private at the United States Border with Cyberspace

In the twenty-first century, a state can come to know more about each of its citizens via surveillance than ever before in human history. Some states are beginning to exercise… More

Sep 1, 2008

Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

Based on original research and advancing new theories, leading internet and technology experts John Palfrey and Urs Gasser offer a sociological portrait of the 'Born Digital'… More

News 131

Harvard Law Today
Apr 10, 2019

The Law and the Digital World

The AGTech Forum at Harvard Law gives state attorneys general a place to learn about technological changes and strategize about how the law can keep up

Insight for Attorney Generals into privacy and emerging technologies More

Harvard Law Today
Feb 20, 2019

Zittrain and Zuckerberg discuss encryption, ‘information fiduciaries’ and targeted advertisements

CEO visits with students from the University’s Techtopia program and Zittrain’s Internet and Society course

Should Facebook be considered an “information fiduciary” when it comes to the privacy of its clients? More

Feb 5, 2019

Do Not Panic: Vigilance and Obscurantism now in Portuguese

Do Not Panic: Vigilance and Obscurantism is now available in Portuguese after translation by ITS Rio More

Feb 5, 2019

Get to Know Berkman Klein Fellow Dragana Kaurin

a spotlight on one of our 2018-2019 BKC Fellows

Dragana's work is committed to "de-colonizing the net" and helping to empower communities worldwide in overcoming language and cultural barriers on the Internet. More

Jan 11, 2019

Get to Know Berkman Klein Fellow Paola Ricuarte Quijano

a spotlight on one of our 2018-2019 BKC Fellows

On building small scale networks of women in technology for social transformation More

Jan 11, 2019

Get to Know Berkman Klein Fellow Jasmine McNealy

a spotlight on one of our 2018-2019 BKC Fellows

McNealy is researching surveillance literacy and anti-surveillance tactics and advocacy in marginalized groups More

Dec 14, 2018

Get to Know Berkman Klein Fellow Rachel Han

a spotlight on one of our 2018-2019 BKC Fellows

Rachel Han is a 2018-2019 Berkman Klein fellow and Director of Business Development at OpenDataSoft, where she focuses on IoT and smart cities initiatives as well as collaborating… More

Royal Society
Aug 6, 2018

Is privacy privacy?

On the differing and evolving notions of privacy across normative and technical perspectives More

The Boston Globe
Jun 15, 2018

What Facebook can learn from academia about protecting privacy

The death of privacy is not inevitable. More

The New York Times
Jun 3, 2018

From Westworld to Best World for the Internet of Things

"While procrastination around security has been vital to the expansion of the internet, 'later' doesn’t mean 'never,'" explains Jonathan Zittrain in this NY Times opinion. "We can… More

The Guardian
Jun 1, 2018

Data Protection Laws Are Shining a Needed Light on a Secretive Industry

In this article for The Guardian, Bruce Schneier describes some new data protection laws aimed to regulate data brokers. More

Sep 28, 2016

Berkman Klein’s “Digital Citizenship Learning Playlists” Wins “Digital Media and Learning (DML) Competition” Award

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is excited to announce that it is one of nine winners of the “6th Digital Media and Learning (DML)… More

Aug 22, 2016

Announcing the Release of “The Internet and You,” New Educational Resources for Elementary School-Age Students

Featuring Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius from PBS, “The Internet and You” provides interactive lesson plans about digital privacy, search engines, online advertising, and the… More

May 3, 2016

Students host mini-symposium on data privacy in the U.S. and the EU

The student-moderated discussion among invited experts focused on bringing data privacy from theory to reality, and included a close look at the strengths and flaws of the current… More

Feb 2, 2016

Reconciling Perspectives: New Report Reframes Encryption Debate

The Berklett Cybersecurity Project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce the publication of a new report entitled “Don’t Panic:… More

Jan 25, 2016

Digital Literacy Resource Platform Goes Live

The Berkman Center and Youth and Media are pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Literacy Resource Platform (DLRP), a new online platform we have designed and incubated as… More

Jan 20, 2016

Privacy Tools Project submits comments on proposed revisions to the Common Rule

On January 6, 2016, members of the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project submitted comments in response to the September 2015 notice of proposed rulemaking to revise the… More

Aug 11, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 8/11

This week, Future of Privacy Forum released “a new paper on the ‘de-identification’ of sensitive student information,” which discusses the value of student data, the types of… More

Aug 4, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 8/04

This report prioritizes open issues and offers recommended next steps in the ed tech and connected learning space, building from and reflecting upon a conversation organized by… More

Jul 30, 2015

The Future of the Internet: Balancing Security With Openness in the Internet of Things

I wrote a book called The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It. Its thesis was that our amazing three decade run of the modern personal computer and Internet had been… More

Jul 28, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 7/28

"The 'Student Privacy Protection Act' aims to expand the scope of student information that is protected by law, place new obligations on both educational institutions and third… More

Jul 21, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 7/21

“Sens. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Thursday introduced the Safe Kids Act.” The bill “[w]ould ban education companies — online homework portals,… More

Jul 14, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 7/14

Collectively, 28 school districts and school-based organizations have founded a new initiative, the Trusted Learning Environment. CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) has… More

Jul 8, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 7/7

At ISTE 2015, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) released “a new analysis of how educators view their schools' and districts' use of technology and student… More

Jun 30, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 6/30

In a recent blog post, the U.S. Department of Education stated that the President’s effort to “rate colleges based on affordability and quality” “will be more about making… More

Jun 24, 2015

Radio Berkman 220: Trusting the Platform

We are more and more comfortable engaging with and sharing our data with digital platforms — from Fitbit, to Facebook, to Wikipedia, to even our own schools and employers. But how… More

Jun 23, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 6/23

Group of Teachers Files Complaints Against California Virtual Academies According to The Washington Post, a “ More

Jun 16, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 6/16

Last week, the Oregon House of Representatives “passed a protect personal information of K-12 students shared online.” The bill “easily sailed through the Oregon Senate… More

Jun 9, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 6/9

In late May, “Central Florida's largest school district (Orange County) announced...that it had acquired new software that would allow it to grab and then analyze social-media… More

May 27, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 5/27

Last week, Chicago Public School officials confirmed that “[f]ive vendors seeking to do business with the Chicago school district were delivered real personal data of 4,000… More

May 19, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 5/19

Last week, Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) reintroduced the Protecting Student Privacy Act of 2015 in the U.S. Senate... More

May 6, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 5/6

Last week, after several delays, Reps. Jared Polis (D-CO) and Luke Messer (R-IN) introduced the Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act of 2015. According to Natasha… More

Apr 15, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 4/15

Last week, the Maryland “House of Delegates and state Senate both passed bills to strengthen students’ online privacy by prohibiting universities from intruding on private social… More

Apr 7, 2015

Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media

New ebook presents diverse views, experiences, and insights on key challenges and opportunities

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Youth and Media are excited to announce the release of the new ebook “Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital… More

Apr 7, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 4/7

According to Politico’s Morning Education, “Reps. Jared Polis and Luke Messer had planned to introduce a student data privacy bill last week, but their draft drew fierce criticism… More

Mar 31, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 3/31

Last week, “[t]he District of Columbia's Office of the State Superintendent inadvertently released confidential data for thousands of students while responding to a Freedom of… More

Mar 24, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 3/24

The bill, sponsored by House Reps. Luke Messer (R-Ind.) and Jared Polis (D-Colo.), was supposed to be introduced in the House on Monday, but has been delayed due to criticism… More

Mar 17, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 3/17

The New York Times’ Natasha Singer wrote about how many new ‘adaptive learning’ products available to educators (applications which record and analyze student work to personalize… More

Mar 11, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 3/10

According to Natasha Singer of The New York Times, several “Digital Learning Companies [are] Falling Short of [the] Student Privacy Pledge.” Singer reported that as of last week--… More

Mar 3, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 3/3

Last Friday, “[t]he Obama administration released a draft of new data privacy legislation [the proposed legislation can be found here], renewing a debate over how to regulate… More

Feb 24, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 2/24

According to info security, “Microsoft has become the first major cloud provider to adopt the first international cloud privacy standard developed by the International… More

Feb 17, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 2/17

"School Choice Wisconsin, which “lobbies for public money to support the education of children in private schools, made requests under the state’s open record laws recently to… More

Feb 10, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 2/10

According to Education Week, “[p]roposed student-data-privacy legislation being championed by President Barack Obama is being readied for introduction in the U.S. House of… More

Feb 3, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 2/3

Education Week obtained “a draft of the ‘Student Digital Privacy and Innovation Act,’ which President Obama called for in his speech at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on… More

Jan 26, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 1/26

A new statewide Illinois anti-cyberbullying law, which came into effect January 1st, “requires that elementary and secondary schools students provide social media passwords” to… More

Jan 13, 2015

This Week in Student Privacy: 1/13

President Obama “unveiled legislation to help protect consumers and students against cyberattacks” on Monday, January 12, 2015, during a visit to the Federal Trade Commission... More

Dec 16, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 12/16

Two weeks ago at a symposium on student privacy, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Kathleen Styles, the DOE’s Chief Privacy Officer, said, “‘Data in the higher… More

Dec 9, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 12/9

According to USA Today’s profile of Pavni Diwanji, Google’s Vice President of engineering, “beginning next year [Google] plans to create specific versions of its most popular… More

Dec 2, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 12/2

According to Politico’s Morning Education, “[p]arents organizing against PARCC's [Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers] new Common Core tests believe… More

Nov 25, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 11/25

ClassDojo, an app used by teachers to track and manage students’ behavior in class, has recently garnered media attention for its privacy practices. Last week, New York Times… More

Nov 18, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 11/18

In coordination with the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) and the Tor Project, Mozilla has announced a “strategic initiative . . . called Polaris.” More

Nov 11, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 11/11

Last week, Harvard University “revealed that it secretly photographed some 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls last spring as part of a study of classroom attendance... More

Nov 4, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 11/4

The Williamson County, Tennessee School District is “being accused of violating the constitutional rights of students over a policy that allows school officials to search any… More

Oct 28, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 10/28

Last week, Superintendent of Los Angeles schools John Deasy announced his resignation. Deasy faced “strong criticism over the troubled rollout of [his] $1.3-billion effort to… More

Oct 19, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 10/19

On October 15 the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) announced the release of “Who is Reading Whom Now: Privacy in Education from Books to MOOCs,” by Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene,… More

Oct 14, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 10/14

Last week, “a coalition of ‘school service providers,’” including Microsoft, Edmodo, and Gaggle, “signed a pledge to safeguard student information privacy and security.” Companies… More

Oct 7, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 10/7

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA), “a sweeping measure aimed at restricting the use of… More

Sep 30, 2014

This Week in Student Privacy: 9/30

Last week, “the Dutch privacy regulator CPB . . . found that a company (Snappet) renting tablets to schools violated the privacy of students..." More

Aug 4, 2014

New Report: “Integrating Approaches to Privacy across the Research Lifecycle: Long-term Longitudinal Studies”

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce a new publication from its Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project team, titled … More

Jun 3, 2014

New Report from the Student Privacy Initiative: A Snapshot of K-12 Cloud-Based Ed Tech & Student Privacy in Early 2014

The Berkman Center's Student Privacy Initiative is pleased to announce a new publication, Framing the Law & Policy Picture: A Snapshot of K-12 Cloud-Based Ed Tech & Student… More

Jan 16, 2014

Student Privacy Initiative Announces Three New Publications

As part of its ongoing Student Privacy Initiative, the Berkman Center is excited to offer a number of related publications that synthesize diverse conversations, distill next… More

Nov 12, 2013

Student Privacy in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem: State of Play & Potential Paths Forward

This report draws from ongoing Student Privacy Initiative research as well as participant inputs from an April 2013 exploratory workshop, "Student Privacy in the Cloud Computing… More

Oct 17, 2013

Berkman Center Among Inaugural Participants In Privacy Program for Middle School Students

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is pleased to be among the inaugural participating institutions in an innovative privacy program launched this week by Fordham Law School… More

Aug 22, 2013

Teens and Mobile Apps Privacy

New Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center

58% of American teens have downloaded an app to a cell phone or tablet; More than half of teen apps users have avoided an app due to concerns about sharing their personal… More

Aug 15, 2013

Where Teens Seek Online Privacy Advice: New Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center

Many teens ages 12-17 report that they usually figure out how to manage content sharing and privacy settings on their own. Focus group interviews with teens suggest that for their… More

Jul 25, 2013

RB211: Bruce Schneier on Surveillance and Security

Bruce Schneier discusses the positives and perils of surveillance and privacy violation. More

May 21, 2013

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

New Findings from Pew and the Berkman Center

Teens are sharing more details about themselves on social media profiles, but few do so publicly; Teen social media users do not express a high level of concern about third-party… More

Mar 13, 2013

Teens and Technology 2013

New Survey Findings from Pew Research Center & Berkman Center

37% of all teens ages 12-17 have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011. One in four teens are “cell-mostly” internet users – they mostly go online using their phone More

Nov 20, 2012

Parents, Teens, and Online Privacy

New Survey Findings from Pew Research Center and Berkman Center

81% of parents of online teens say they are concerned about how much information advertisers can learn about their child’s online behavior; 46% are “very” concerned More

Oct 30, 2012

Announcing the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data Project

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project, a collaborative, multidisciplinary… More

Sep 19, 2012

Bullying in a Networked Era: A Literature Review - New Publication from the Berkman Center

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to share a new literature review by the Youth and Media team, contributing to The Kinder & Braver World… More

Feb 23, 2012

Youth and Digital Media: From Credibility to Information Quality - New Report from the Berkman Center

A new report from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society's Youth and Media team

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to share a substantial new report from the Youth and Media project: "Youth and Digital Media: From… More

Jan 19, 2012

Lady Gaga to Officially Launch Born This Way Foundation at Harvard on February 29th

Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, announced today that they will officially launch the Born This Way Foundation (BTWF) on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at Harvard… More

Nov 2, 2011

Berkman Center to help Lady Gaga Establish Born This Way Foundation

The Berkman Center is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Lady Gaga, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and The California Endowment to launch the… More

Nov 1, 2011

New Paper: Why parents help their children lie to Facebook about age: Unintended consequences of the COPPA

Authored by danah boyd, Eszter Hargittai, Jason Schultz, and John Palfrey

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is pleased to share a new paper published in First Monday, "Why parents help their children lie to Facebook about age: Unintended… More

Oct 18, 2011

Youth and Media Project Launches New Website

The Youth and Media Project at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to present their new website design. More

Aug 2, 2011

New: Report on Online Security in the Middle East and North Africa

The Berkman Center is pleased to release Online Security in the Middle East and North Africa. This report describes the results of a survey of 98 bloggers in the Middle East and… More

Mar 22, 2011

OpenNet Initiative Releases 2010 Year in Review

The Berkman Center is pleased to share the OpenNet Initiative's annual roundup of "top instances of filtering, surveillance, and information warfare around the globe." 2010's high… More

Oct 18, 2010

New: Circumvention Tool Usage Report

The Berkman Center releases a new report on the usage of tools for circumventing Internet filtering, which finds that simple web proxies are more widely used than other… More

Oct 5, 2010

Youth and media research update

The Berkman Center has recently organized all of its research efforts relating to young people and technology – including new work on youth in developing countries – under a… More

Oct 1, 2010

Re:Born Digital, in Video

2010 summer interns take up "Born Digital"

This year's Berkman Center summer interns tackled a big special project on top of their primary research responsibilities, creating a set of videos -- one for each chapter of John… More

Jun 25, 2010

Risky Behaviors and Online Safety: draft literature review

What is known about online youth safety? danah boyd releases the Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative's DRAFT literature review on the topic -- for public comment and… More

Jun 23, 2010

"Sexting": legal and practical issues

The Berkman Center is pleased to share our Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative's latest document, which addresses legal and practical issues related to the practice… More

Jun 18, 2010

Four Essays Addressing Risky Behaviors and Online Safety

From danah boyd's blog: "...John Palfrey, Urs Gasser, and I have been co-directing the Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative to investigate the role that policy can play… More

Jun 16, 2010

Exploring children's online safety in developing nations

The Berkman Center has released an exploratory study carried out by the Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative in collaboration with UNICEF. It is intended as a… More

Apr 14, 2010

Understanding youth, privacy and reputation

The Berkman Center is pleased to share our Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative's extensive literature review mapping out "what is currently understood about the… More

Feb 24, 2010

On "Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape"

The Berkman Center is pleased to share the Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative's response to the FCC's Notice of Inquiry on "Empowering Parents and Protecting Children… More

Oct 22, 2009

Exploring youth and media policy

new Berkman Center initiative underway

The first meeting of the Berkman Center's new Youth and Media Policy Working Group Initiative is being held today; experts from various fields are gathered to discuss privacy and… More

Oct 1, 2009

The OpenNet Initiative reports on Internet filtering in Sub-Saharan Africa

ONI has released new research on Sub-Saharan Africa, including reports on Uganda and Nigeria, where ONI tested for the first time in 2008 and 2009... More

Aug 12, 2009

OpenNet Initiative releases 2009 Middle East & North Africa research

The Berkman Center is pleased to share an announcement from the ONI: the partnership has released new studies of Internet filtering in the Middle East and North Africa. Government… More

May 27, 2009

The Chinese Internet and Civil Society

Civic Engagement, Deliberation and Culture

The 7th Chinese Internet Research Conference starts today, at the Annenberg School for Communication of the University of Pennsylvania, and a raft of Berkman researchers and… More

May 7, 2009

Social media guidelines for law students

Berkman Fellow Gene Koo, who is working with our friends at CALI to build eLangdell : The Legal Ed Commons (a platform for collaboratively creating legal teaching materials), is… More

Apr 30, 2009

Learning in a Participatory Culture

Our friends down the street at MIT's Project New Media Literacies (NML) are holding a conference in Cambridge this Saturday, May 2...The day's workshops will delve into the future… More

Apr 21, 2009

On Remix and Born Digital

book reviews in Science Magazine

The Books et al. section in the current issue of Science features two Berkman Center-related pieces of interest to the wider community. Yochai Benkler considers Lawrence Lessig's… More

Mar 31, 2009

Conjuring Conficker and GhostNet

malware in the news

Stories about the Conficker worm have been spreading, worm-like, through both online and offline media, while the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto has documented an… More

Mar 6, 2009

Debating CDA 230

An exchange between John Palfrey and Adam Thierer concerning tweaking Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was published today in Ars Technica... More

Mar 5, 2009

Report release: 2007 Circumvention Landscape Report: Methods, Uses, and Tools

The Berkman Center is pleased to make available its report on techniques and tools for circumventing Internet filtering... More

Mar 2, 2009

Digital Natives: Born Digital in the News

The Digital Natives Project has some exciting news about Born Digital... More

Feb 12, 2009

Born Digital in the classroom

PBS Teachers & Classroom 2.0 webinar with John Palfrey

On February 26, John Palfrey will be participating in a virtual conversation with educators about digital natives. We hope you can join in... More

Feb 11, 2009

Making (digital) airwaves

This week has been thick with Berkman-related audio: conversations with Judith Donath, John Palfrey, David Hornik, and Esra'a Al Shafei all made their way onto the Net... More

Feb 9, 2009

Privacy and truth online

John Palfrey was recently interviewed by James Goodale on two questions: "Does anyone care about privacy anymore?" and "What to do about lies on the internet?" More

Feb 4, 2009

Welcome, Urs Gasser!

As the spring semester begins, we are delighted to officially welcome Professor of Law at the University of St. Gallen Dr. Urs Gasser into his new role as Berkman’s Executive… More

Jan 28, 2009

Data Privacy Day

Today, the US, Canada, and a host of European countries are celebrating the second annual Data Privacy Day. In honor of the Day, we are re-presenting Digital Natives project… More

Nov 26, 2008

Digital Natives: civic engagement + US presidential election via camphone

For the Thanksgiving holiday in the US this week, many of us are traveling to visit friends and family or are preparing to receive guests. The Digital Natives blog, too, hosted… More

Nov 21, 2008

There is no privacy?

This week, over on the newly started "An Eye on Surveillance" blog, the first in a series of posts about egregious privacy intrusions -- "Snooping Browsing History through HTML"... More

Nov 13, 2008

Digital Natives: Staying safe

This week the Digital Natives team took a look at online privacy and safety and the related topic of digital aggressors. More

Nov 6, 2008

Digital Natives: experiencing information

The Digital Natives blog's theme-of-the-week is information overload! a timely topic in light of the finding that, in 2008, the Internet overtook newspapers as a source of… More

Nov 3, 2008

US presidential campaign & election '08

We've assembled a sampling of recent Internet and politics-related activities and writings from the Berkman community... More

Oct 31, 2008

Digital Natives: learning and literacy

This week, the Digital Natives gang explored digital learning and literacy, and taught us a thing or two in the process... More

Oct 22, 2008

Piracy on the Choppy Copyright (C)s

The Digital Natives project has been doing a lot of thinking about digital piracy and creativity lately... More

Oct 15, 2008

Digital Natives: Teens talk politics

The Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series may be taking a breather, but with the US election only three weeks away and the final presidential debate tonight, the… More

Oct 8, 2008

Digital Natives: Cyberbullying

In this week's installment of the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series we hear from Lisa Epstein, a 19-year-old UMASS student and former victim of cyberbullying. More

Sep 24, 2008

Digital Natives: flash mob fun

This week's -- exuberant -- installment in the Reporters in the Field series takes us to a silent dance party in Boston... More

Sep 17, 2008

Digital Natives: music fans and online community

The Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series continues with " a conversation with blogger Qin Zhi Lau"... More

Sep 10, 2008

Digital Natives: Activism in the Middle East

Continuing its exploration of digital activism from last week, the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series turns its microphone over to Esra’a Al Shafei of Bahrain, the 21… More

Sep 8, 2008

Digital Media and Learning Competition

As the fall semester gets underway, our Digital Natives project colleagues share some of the details of HASTAC's Digital Media and Learning Competition. This year's theme is… More

Sep 3, 2008

Digital Natives: organizing activism online

This week, the Reporters in the Field series takes a look at Obama Works, an independent grassroots organization that helps Obama supporters in neighborhoods across the country... More

Aug 27, 2008

Digital Natives: a digital community of learners

This week, with new book Born Digital landing on bookshelves, the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series continues its look at collaborative studying in a "web 2.0" world... More

Aug 25, 2008

Born Digital arrives on bookshelves

The Berkman Center is pleased to announce that Faculty Co-Director John Palfrey and Faculty Fellow Urs Gasser's "Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital… More

Aug 22, 2008

Trolling for Trouble

Daniel LaMagna, an intern with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, offers his take on Internet trolls over on the Digital Natives blog. More

Aug 20, 2008

Digital Natives: Sharing Knowledge

This week the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field Series takes a look at collaborative studying in a "web 2.0" world. More

Aug 13, 2008

Digital Natives: life cycle of a digital dossier

The Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series changes tactics this week with a narrated slide show from intern Kanupriya Tewari. The piece explores the accumulation of data --… More

Aug 6, 2008

Digital Natives: encounter with the RIAA (finale)

Two weeks ago, the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series brought you the first two parts of "The Ballad of Zack McCune" -- an exploration of digital natives and illegal… More

Jul 30, 2008

Digital Natives: Alumni Magazines for the Web Set

It's week three of the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series. This week Digital Natives summer interns Nikki Leon and John Randall give us "Is Harvard Magazine Coping in… More

Jul 24, 2008

Digital Natives: encounter with the RIAA

Launched last Wednesday, the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series gets fully underway this week with the first two parts of a brand-new piece created by Digital Natives… More

Jul 16, 2008

Digital Natives team kicks off Reporters in the Field series

This afternoon, the Digital Natives project rolled out the first video in its Reporters in the Field series, which will investigate the project's issues and themes through one of… More

Jun 20, 2008

Recollection Recall?

Over on the Digital Natives blog, Nikki Leon wonders whether or not Digital Natives need to start tying strings to their fingers in lieu of hitting the search engines. More

Jun 13, 2008

2008 Presidential E-lection

This week, the Digital Natives and Internet and Democracy projects both dove into the 2008 campaign, offering their thoughts on the role of the Internet in the current U.S… More

Mar 31, 2008

Q+ A with Tomorrow's Luncheon Guest, Allison Fine

Allison Fine will join us tomorrow as part of our Tuesday Luncheon Series, and as a primer to her talk, Berkman intern Yvette Wohn sat down with Allison for a Q+ A, where they… More

Feb 28, 2008

The Berkman Center Announces Formation of Internet Safety Task Force to Identify and Develop Online Safety Tools

More than 20 Organizations including AOL, AT&T, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, MySpace, NCMEC, Symantec, Verizon and Yahoo! Join Task Force.

Berkman Center To Lead New Task Force Comprised of Prominent Internet Businesses, Non-Profits, Academics and Technology Companies. More

Feb 21, 2008

Digital Natives

Teenage Girls as the Cyberpioneers of the Internet

Today's New York Times features a story based off this Pew report on Internet use among 12 to 17 year olds on how young people use the web, and describes teenage girls as the … More

Community 72


Some US Cities Are Moving into Real-Time Facial Surveillance

Gretchen Greene lends insight into the adoption of facial recognition technology in police departments across the U.S.

May 17, 2019

The Bizarre Accuracy of Online Ads

A Case Study of Trackers on the Internet

Ad tracking services are disturbingly effective.

May 17, 2019
World Refugee Council

Data Protection and Digital Agency for Refugees

How the vast amount of data collected from refugees is gathered, stored and shared today

May 15, 2019

Enveloped in Suspicion

Envelopes are one of those banal objects of everyday life we seldom think much about. They are, however, an ancient — and at one time controversial — privacy technology.

May 14, 2019

Measuring Censorship On Mobile App Stores

Billions of users interact with and download apps on major app stores on a daily basis. It is important for them to know why certain apps that they might have been using, or would…

May 3, 2019
The New York Times

Think You’re Discreet Online? Think Again

Thanks to “data inference” technology, companies know more about you than you disclose.

Apr 21, 2019

Facial recognition is the plutonium of AI

"It's dangerous, racializing, and has few legitimate uses; facial recognition needs regulation and control on par with nuclear waste."

Apr 17, 2019
Boston Globe

Can predictive policing help stamp out racial profiling?

Some algorithms assume crime in one location leads to others nearby. Others identify specific people most likely to be involved in violence. Both can lead to discrimination.

Apr 17, 2019

Towards Formalizing the GDPR's Notion of Singling Out

Defining predicate singling out, a new type of privacy attack intended to capture the concept of singling out appearing in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Apr 15, 2019

A Talk with Smart City Skeptic, Ben Green

Ben Green's work as a data scientist in city governments informed his critical view of the "smart city" tech that could influence city life and society for decades to come.

Apr 14, 2019

'Smart city' technology alone cannot solve social problems, author argues

Ben Green argues that cities are adopting “smart” technology without thinking through the political ramifications of the technology.

Apr 12, 2019
The Guardian

Julian Assange's charges are a direct assault on press freedom, experts warn

Academics and campaigners condemned large chunks of the indictment that they said went head-to-head with basic activities of journalism protected by the first amendment of the US…

Apr 12, 2019
The Boston Globe

So There Are People Behind Alexa’s Curtain. Will Anyone Care?

Making smart speakers and technologies smarter, but what about privacy?

Apr 11, 2019
BKC Medium

Thoughts on personal data vs non-personal data

How the government, or regulators, can start thinking about privacy and the data economy

Apr 4, 2019
USA Today

Anyone can easily hack into your phone.

Just ask Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Five tips to secure your phone - it might not keep a foreign country determined to strike away, but it will strengthen your security.

Apr 1, 2019
the Hill

AirDrop used for sexual harassment on public transit

An unsolicited picture shared over Apple's AirDrop leads to questions over how the technology is governed.

Mar 30, 2019

Machines Shouldn’t Have to Spy On Us to Learn

How do we expand the benefits of machine learning, while protecting privacy?

Mar 25, 2019
How We Get to Next

Scientists Like Me Are Studying Your Tweets—Are You OK With That?

"Public" data ethics: Best practices for social media researchers

Anything “public” on social media may be fair game, but researchers should be more ethical about using that data

Mar 19, 2019
Just Security

A Legislative Shot at Internet of Things Security

A recently unveiled proposal for regulating the Internet of Things in the US falls short in some areas, but could make some significant strides towards advancing the status quo

Mar 19, 2019
Fast Company

What Mark Zuckerberg’s new vision could really mean for privacy and propaganda

Some critics worry the new privacy push is also a way to dodge regulation and avoid moderating content: “The devil is in the details.”

Mar 11, 2019

Cities Are Not Technology Problems: What Smart Cities Companies Get Wrong

Many companies equate new technology with innovation, but actual innovation in cities means using tech in concert with bureaucracy, on-the-ground awareness, and challenging political choices.

Innovation can mean more than just "use new technology."

Mar 4, 2019
Fast Company

Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information

You’ve probably never heard of many of the data firms registered under a new law, but they’ve heard a lot about you.

Mar 2, 2019
Dark Reading

9 Years After: From Operation Aurora to Zero Trust

How the first documented nation-state cyberattack is changing security today.

Change is a constant in the security industry, and being willing to change as needed is one of the key growth factors in any business — large or small.

Feb 20, 2019
Annals of Internal Medicine

Are Requirements to Deposit Data in Research Repositories Compatible With the GDPR?

The requirements of the GDPR are increasingly coming into conflict with the requirements of research communities

Feb 19, 2019

Are Data Dividends Really a Good Idea?

Christine Borgman comments on the feasibility of California's "data dividends" proposal

Feb 14, 2019
The Hill

Machines don’t necessarily fix our biases, they mirror them.

We should not trust an algorithm unless it can be reviewed and audited in meaningful ways.

Feb 13, 2019

Can Big Tech be fixed?

The US might get a federal privacy bill this year

Feb 13, 2019

The Tech Industry is Hijacking School Data. But Decentralized Systems Can Change That.

When it comes to children’s school data we should ask who controls it, what is it worth and how will it impact their lives.

Feb 13, 2019
Just Security

Election Security

Questions for the House Homeland Security Hearing

Should Congress and federal agencies be sharing and receiving more with platforms like Facebook to aid them in enforcing better moderation policies?

Feb 12, 2019

Change how Facebook uses our data

Scandals underscore the need to regulate use of customers' information

"Facebook needs to change how it handles user data and personal information."

Feb 11, 2019
Economic and Political Weekly

On WhatsApp, Rumours, and Lynchings

In the last decade, India has seen multiple rounds of communal violence in which rumour and information technology played a role

Feb 9, 2019
Working Paper

A User-Focused Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for AI-Enabled Health Tech Governance

A research agenda for stakeholders to proactively collaborate and design AI technologies that work with users to improve their health and wellbeing

Feb 4, 2019

Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics

Through three new hires, Facebook may be giving real decisionmaking power to people who deeply understand the ways in which the social media site and its family of apps undermine…

Jan 30, 2019
Harvard Law Today

Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics

Faculty Books in Brief

"We are in the early stages of the health care system’s encounter with big data, the editors write, with the benefits and perils uncertain."

Jan 29, 2019
Cyberlaw Clinic

Clinic Files Amicus Brief for Former Magistrate Judges re: Surveillance Orders

The Cyberlaw Clinic filed an amicus brief supporting a BuzzFeed News journalist's petition to unseal applications and orders for pen registers, trap and trace devices, tracking…

Jan 28, 2019

African countries must work together for Good ID

Berkman Klein Fellow Titi Akinsanmi discusses how policy for digital ID could develop in 2019 and what she hopes to see globally and on the African continent.

Jan 28, 2019
Linux Journal

Is Privacy a Right?

The story we tell about our right to privacy an interesting one, but distracts us away from work that needs to be done. 

Jan 23, 2019
ECT News Network

Dutch Doc Wins 'Forget My Suspension' Case

Google must remove search results about medical regulators' conditional suspension of a Dutch physician in the first "right to be forgotten" case of its kind in the European Union.

Jan 23, 2019

DuckDuckGo's private searches will pull up Apple Maps results

The recent partnership between privacy-focused search tool Duck Duck Go and Apple has an uncertain implications for the future of privacy on the engine.

Jan 15, 2019

Artificial Intelligence vs. the Hackers

Machine-learning algorithms watch hackers’ behavior and adapt to their evolving tactics.

A profile of "Data Cowboy" Ram Shankar Siva Kumar, who trains security algorithms

Jan 3, 2019
Washington Post

It’s time to try something different on Internet privacy

"US lawmakers need to embrace a different approach to Internet privacy based around the concept of trust, rather than the failed concepts of notice and choice."

Dec 20, 2018

Book Review: The attack of the killer fridges has begun

The world is ever more connected via the internet, from cars and power grids to home appliances and toys. That means ever more things are dangerously hackable.

Dec 14, 2018

Upcoming Bill Would Lock Down Agencies' Internet-Connected Devices

A new bill "leverages federal purchasing power to create pro-security market pressure and … serves as a model for the implementation of similar standards elsewhere."

Dec 6, 2018
New York Times

To Reduce Privacy Risks, the Census Plans to Report Less Accurate Data

Guaranteeing people’s confidentiality has become more of a challenge, but some scholars worry that the new system will impede research.

Dec 5, 2018
Ribbon Farm

The Digital Maginot Line

We are immersed in an evolving, ongoing conflict: an Information World War in which state actors, terrorists, and ideological extremists leverage the social infrastructure…

Nov 28, 2018

The Most Damaging Election Disinformation Campaign Came From Donald Trump, Not Russia

The Kremlin has been focused on undermining trust in American democracy and elections, but Donald Trump and the Republicans have done it better than Russia ever could.

Nov 19, 2018

Surveillance Kills Freedom By Killing Experimentation

How surveillance hurts our democratic values

Nov 16, 2018
Schneier on Security

Information Attacks against Democracies

The same fake news techniques that benefit autocracies by making everyone unsure about political alternatives undermine democracies by making people question the common political…

Nov 15, 2018
Boston 25 News

Unlocking your phone’s secrets

Devices give access to those willing to pay up

David O’Brien on tools used by law enforcement to crack into suspects' personal digital devices

Nov 13, 2018

We need stronger cybersecurity laws for the Internet of Things

Making Internet-connected devices more secure will require smarter regulations

Nov 9, 2018

How Youth Are Reinventing Instagram and Why Having Multiple Accounts Is Trending

Our Youth & Media team looked at how teens are using social media to figure out who they are.

Nov 2, 2018

Common-Knowledge Attacks on Democracy

Scaling up computer security arguments to the level of the state, so that the entire polity is treated as an information system with associated attack surfaces and threat models,…

Oct 29, 2018
CBC Spark

Restaurants have strict standards to protect customers. Tech platforms don't

Online tech platforms should become “information fiduciaries”

Oct 26, 2018
The Atlantic

Nobody’s Cellphone Is Really That Secure

All phones are vulnerable to hacking

Oct 26, 2018

Debating Ethics & Privacy

BKC shares insights on privacy with governments at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

Oct 26, 2018
Just Security

Conscientious Objectors and Whistleblowers

Sentencing Should Recognize First Amendment Interests

Mailyn Fidler writes about First Amendment interests in a recent case regarding whistleblowing.

Oct 18, 2018

Acquisitions in the third party tracking industry

competition and data protection aspects

A role for antitrust authorities in the third party tracking industry

Oct 18, 2018
Everyday Matters

Don’t Leave It All to Facebook

The U.S. Should Do More To Protect Our Data Privacy

Who makes sure that companies collecting your personal data operate in ways that benefit, rather than exploit, you?

Oct 12, 2018

Stop Saying Privacy in Dead

Privacy still exists. You just have to know where to look for it so you know what to fight for.

Oct 11, 2018
New York Times

Internet Hacking Is About to Get Much Worse

If our devices, information, and institutions are to remain secure, smart government regulation is inevitable

Oct 11, 2018
Council on Foreign Relations

Three Problems with India’s Draft Data Protection Bill

India is attempting to create a complex new framework for data protection that will require firms to physically host user data, but they might be moving too fast.

Oct 3, 2018
Harvard Gazette

Why your online data isn’t safe

To really prioritize user privacy would also mean to compromise an underlying business model that has been very successful

Oct 2, 2018
Harvard Law Today

Big questions raised by big data

Berkman Klein Executive Director Urs Gasser, spoke about the legal and ethical risks and implications of using big data for health at the book launch for Big Data, Health Law, and…

Sep 20, 2018
Harvard Business Review

Platforms Should Become Information Fiduciaries

Internet companies need "information fiduciaries" to ensure that the consumer's best interest is kept at heart.

Sep 19, 2018
Consumer Reports

Warning Kids About Digital Privacy Doesn't Work. Here's What Does.

Sandra Cortesi, director of the Youth and Media project and fellow at BKC, is quoted in this Consumer Reports article on tips for talking to children about digital privacy.

Aug 28, 2018
Washington Post

Don’t fear the TSA cutting airport security. Be glad that they’re talking about it.

Despite largely negative media coverage of the subject, it is a good thing that TSA is brainstorming ways to optimize security in airports

Aug 7, 2018
SAGE Journals

The Surveillant Consumer

Exploring the emergence of consumer surveillance

Jul 25, 2018

You Are Entering an Ephemeral Bio-allowed Data Capture Zone

Regulating, not banning, facial recognition technology

Jul 23, 2018
Intelligence Squared

Blockchain: Quantum leap forward or digital snake oil?

Faculty Associate Primavera De Filippi joins a debate discussing Blockchain, what it is, and whether it is deserving of its current hype.

Jul 2, 2018

Why personal agency matters more than personal data

Privacy is an effect of personal agency, projected by personal tech and personal expressions of intent that others can respect without working at it

Jun 23, 2018

Regarding the usage of surveillance equipment in the City of Boston

It is urgent that Boston develop policies that comprehensively account for what surveillance means today.

Jun 19, 2018

Events 20

Mar 5, 2019 @ 12:15 PM

Privacy’s Blueprint

The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies

PODCAST & VIDEO: The dominant model for regulating privacy focuses on giving people control over their information and regulating data practices. This focus ignores the role that… More

Feb 19, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

The Smart Enough City

Putting Technology in Its Place to Reclaim Our Urban Future

VIDEO & PODCAST: Why technology is not an end in itself, and how cities can be “smart enough,” using technology to promote democracy and equity. More

Oct 9, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

Open Data, Grey Data, and Stewardship

Universities at the Privacy Frontier

Video & Podcast: Universities produce and consume vast amounts of data for research, teaching, service, and operational purposes. While extremely valuable to universities and… More

Sep 25, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

"Click Here to Kill Everybody"

A BKC Book Talk

VIDEO & PODCAST: Bruce Schneier on his new book "Click Here to Kill Everybody" More

Sep 12, 2018 @ 4:00 PM

Book Launch: Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics

When data from all aspects of our lives can be relevant to our health - from our habits at the grocery store and our Google searches to our FitBit data and our medical records -… More

May 8, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

Governance and Regulation in the land of Crypto-Securities (as told by CryptoKitties)

featuring founding members, Dieter Shirley and Alex Shih

Join founding members of the CryptoKitties team, Dieter Shirley and Alex Shih, as they discuss the unique governance, legal, and regulatory challenges of putting cats on the… More

May 1, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

The Law and Ethics of Digital Piracy

Evidence from Harvard Law School Graduates

When do Harvard law students perceive digital file sharing (and piracy) as fine? More

Apr 3, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

The Right of Publicity

Privacy Reimagined for a Public World

Jennifer E. Rothman discusses her book, The Right of Publicity: Privacy Reimagined for a Public World (Harvard University Press 2018). She challenges the conventional story of the… More

Sep 29, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

How to Watch Them Watching You

Researching Social Media, Online Platforms, and Algorithmic Systems From the Outside

Join us at the University of Michigan for a discussion with Eric Gilbert, Cedric Langbort, Jeff Larson, Casey Pierce, and Christo Wilson on how researchers can navigate and… More

May 3, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Digital Rights and Online Harassment in the Global South

featuring Berkman Klein Affiliate, Nighat Dad

An inside look at the challenges facing women, human rights defenders, and other internet users in Pakistan, from online harassment to privacy and free expression. More

Apr 27, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Holding Hospitals Hostage

From HIPAA to Ransomware

For hospitals and healthcare providers, data protection efforts have long been driven by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This talk will look at recent… More

Mar 30, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Using Mobile Phone Data to Map Migration and Disease

Politics, Privacy, and Public Health

Mobile phone data are providing unprecedented insights into human migration and behavior with relevance for containment of epidemics and response to natural disasters, but what… More

Dec 8, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

State of Student Privacy

with Urs Gasser, Sandra Cortesi, Dalia Topelson Ritvo, Paulina Haduong, and Leah Plunkett

The Berkman Center’s Student Privacy Initiative will be taking stock of our student privacy work to date and exploring future directions. At this luncheon, the Berkman team will… More

Nov 10, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

Bridging the gap between computer science and legal approaches to privacy

with Kobbi Nissim and Alexandra Wood

Can lawyers and computer scientists bridge their very different notions of privacy? More

Sep 29, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

The Mozilla Delphi Cybersecurity Study: Towards a User Centric Cybersecurity Policy Agenda

with Camille François, Josephine Wolff, Andy Ellis, and Bruce Schneier

Join us to learn more about the methodology and findings behind The Mozilla Delphi Cybersecurity study. More

Mar 25, 2015 @ 6:00 PM

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

With Berkman Fellow, Bruce Schneier. Moderated by Jonathan Zittrain with special guests, Yochai Benkler, Joe Nye, Sara Watson and Melissa Hathaway.

In Data and Goliath, security expert Bruce Schneier offers another path, one that values both security and privacy. He shows us exactly what we can do to reform our government… More

Jun 3, 2014 @ 12:30 PM

Framing the Law & Policy Picture: A Snapshot of K-12 Cloud-Based Ed Tech & Student Privacy in Early 2014

Leah Plunkett, Alicia Solow-Niederman, and Urs Gasser

The Berkman Center’s Student Privacy Initiative team presents a snapshot of K-12 cloud-based ed tech and student privacy in early 2014 before turning to pragmatic law and policy… More

Aug 8, 2013 @ 2:00 PM

Reforming the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Richard Blumenthal, United States Senator for Connecticut

Senator Richard Blumenthal will deliver an address about proposed legislation to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Read more about the legislation > More

Dec 23, 2008 @ 12:30 PM

Watching Google AdWords: The Mysterious Mechanization of Meaning in the Google Brain

Hal Roberts

Google's AdWords system serves ads alongside about a quarter of all web traffic. In the process of serving those ads, Google actively processes the user browsing data in order to… More

Sep 23, 2008 @ 8:00 PM

Born Digital (Cambridge Book Talk & Reception)

by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser

The Berkman Center celebrated the release of John Palfrey and Urs Gasser's "Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives" at Harvard Law School. More

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