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A 2020 recipient of the Faculty Champion Award from Cornell University, a 2019 recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, and a 2018 recipient of the Derrick A. Bell Award from the Association of American Law Schools, Dr. Ajunwa is an Associate Professor (with tenure)  in the Law, Labor Relations, and History Department of Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School (ILR), and an Associated Faculty Member at Cornell Law School. Dr. Ajunwa’s research interests are at the intersection of law and technology with a particular focus on the ethical governance of workplace technologies. Her research focus is also on diversity and inclusion in the labor market and the workplace.

Dr. Ajunwa’s scholarly articles have been published or are forthcoming in both top law review and peer review publications including the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Fordham Law Review, the California Law Review, the Northwestern Law Review, the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, The Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, the Cardozo Law Review, the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, and in Research in the Sociology of Work, among others. Dr. Ajunwa’s writing has also been published in popular media such as the NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Harvard Business Review, the ACLU Blog, etc

Dr. Ajunwa has been invited to testify before the U.S. Congress (Committee on Labor and Education), governmental agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the CFPB), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC), and has served as a keynote speaker at several national and international conferences. 

Dr. Ajunwa earned a Ph.D. in Sociology at Columbia University in the City of New York (emphasis on Organizational Theory and Law and Society) where she was a Paul F. Lazersfeld Fellow. Prior to graduate school, she also earned a law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law where she received the AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship. Dr. Ajunwa has been admitted to the Bar in the states of New York and California.

Dr. Ajunwa’s forthcoming book, “The Quantified Worker,” which examines the role of technology in the workplace and its effects on management practices as moderated by employment and anti-discrimination laws will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2020.


Bill of Health
Dec 2, 2020

COVID-19 Immunity as Passport to Work Will Increase Economic Inequality

Ifeoma Ajunwa warns that COVID-19 immunity tests may further inequalities

Sep 10, 2018

Algorithms at Work

Productivity Monitoring Platforms and Wearable Technology as the New Data-Centric Research Agenda for Employment and Labor Law

In Algorithms at Work: Productivity Monitoring Platforms and Wearable Technology as the New Data…


HBS Digital Initiative

Ifeoma Ajunwa on the limitless boundaries of employee surveillance

Ifeoma Ajunwa discusses employee surveillance with HBS Digital Initiative

Feb 8, 2021
Ms Magazine

How COVID-19 Could Enable the Inclusion of Women in the Workplace

Ifeoma Ajunwa outlines three reasons why COVID-19 could help the future inclusion of women in the workplace

Nov 20, 2020

The COVID-19 Crisis Could Be A Bane Or A Boon For The Inclusion Of Women In The Workplace

Ifeoma Ajunwa on why she thinks the pandemic could benefit the future inclusion of women in the workplace

Nov 6, 2020

10 Reasons Why Anti-Racism Training Is Not The Problem

Ifeoma Ajunwa shares her thoughts on anti-racism training

Sep 5, 2020
Scientific American

The Answer to a COVID-19 Vaccine May Lie in Our Genes, But ...

We shouldn’t risk our genetic privacy to find it, writes Ifeoma Ajunwa

May 13, 2020

Your Boss May Soon Track You At Work For Coronavirus Safety

Ifeoma Ajunwa on worker surveillance

May 8, 2020

You’re Working From Home, but Your Company Is Still Watching You

BKC faculty associate Ifeoma Ajunwa explains why oversurveillance of a workforce can turn counterproductive

Apr 18, 2020
Cornell Chronicle

Ajunwa to Congress: Help stop employers’ AI-fueled bias

Ifeoma Ajunwa testifies in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor

Feb 11, 2020

The Future of Work: Protecting Workers’ Civil Rights in the Digital Age

Ifeoma Ajunwa testified in Congress on automated hiring, workplace surveillance, and genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programs.

Feb 10, 2020
The Guardian

The rise of microchipping: are we ready for technology to get under the skin?

As implants grow more common, experts fear surveillance and exploitation of workers.

Nov 8, 2019

Your AI Interviewer Will See You Now

Ifeoma Ajunwa joins WBUR to discuss the use of AI in hiring processes

Oct 30, 2019
The New York Times

Beware of Automated Hiring

How do we make sure that automated hiring platforms do not worsen employment discrimination?

Oct 8, 2019
The New York Times

Cooking Eggs in the Morning and Shucking Oysters at Night, Thanks to an App

Facing a labor shortage, restaurants are turning to on-demand services for line cooks, dishwashers and other trained workers.

Sep 1, 2019
Present Value

Ethical Challenges with Technology in the Workplace

Ifeoma Ajunwa discusses the interplay of law and technology in the multiple stages of an employee’s journey

Jul 8, 2019
Tech Empire

The Quantified Worker and Worker Surveillance

Impacts of new tech in the workplace

Apr 9, 2019

Cornell Professor Ifeoma Ajunwa Discusses Artificial Intelligence Used In Hiring

Is it possible for AI to completely eliminate human bias in the hiring process? Ifeoma Ajunwa doesn't think so.

Apr 8, 2019

The Paradox of Automation as Anti-Bias Intervention

In some instances, automated decision-making has served to replicate and amplify bias.

Apr 7, 2019


May 1, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

The Quantified Worker

with Berkman Klein Fellow, Ifeoma Ajunwa

To apply to Futurecorp, please submit your resume, list of references, and a genetic profile. Once hired, we'll make an appointment for you to receive a sub-dermal tracking…