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What We Learned During the Fall 2022 Research Sprint

On April 4, Dr. Chao Mbogho will speak about the future of responsible computing in Kenya...

Join us on April 5 for a discussion about how to reimagine the digital public square...


The latest news and commentary from our community.

NBC News

Grindr sends Egypt users a warning after alleged entrapments and arrests

BKC Affiliate Afsaneh Rigot comments on the arrests of LGBTQ+ people in Egypt.

Mar 23, 2023
Roll Call

Supreme Court to hear case on ‘Bad Spaniels’ v. Jack Daniel’s

Rebecca Tushnet discusses the Rogers test as a standard for trademark infringement which is implicated in a current…

Mar 21, 2023
Internet Policy Review

Let me tell you, ChatGPT-like AI will not change our world

BKC Rebooting Social Media Visiting Scholar Yong Jin Park cautions against hype around generative AI, warning that…

Mar 17, 2023
MIT Technology Review

How AI could write our laws

BKC Affiliates Nathan Sanders and Bruce Schneier write about the potential influence of ChatGPT and generative AI on…

Mar 14, 2023
GBH News

Has Asian representation in film improved with ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’?

BKC Affiliate Jenny Korn sits down with GBH News to discuss whether the success of “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once…

Mar 10, 2023
United Nations OHCHR

Stories on racial justice give power of memory to the slain

BKC affiliate Leonard Cortana was profiled by United Nations Human Rights for his work in human rights.

Mar 10, 2023
Miami Herald

Photographs have always been manipulated. Will AI make things worse?

BKC Fellow Juliana Castro-Varon writes as a graphic designer about the effect AI image generators will have on a…

Mar 9, 2023

Meta Oversight Board with Julie Owono

BKC Affiliate Julie Owono discusses Facebook and Instagram content moderation via the Meta Oversight Board, of which…

Mar 8, 2023

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Copyright, Text Mining and AI Training

Faith  Majekolagbe, Michael Geist, and Ruth L. Okediji discuss copyright issues  and recent developments regarding text…

Advancing Platform Research through the EU Digital Services Act

This panel discussion will explore tools the EU’s new Digital Services Act will offer to international researchers to…

Digital Public Spaces for a Healthy Democracy: goals, values & aspirations

Join us on April 5 for a discussion about how to reimagine the digital public square...

Responsible Computing for Computer Science Education in Kenya

On April 4, Dr. Chao Mbogho will speak about the future of responsible computing in Kenya...

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The use of algorithms in the judiciary has already raised significant questions about bias and fairness, and looking…

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