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Working paper shows Disinformation Campaign Surrounding the Risk of Voter Fraud Associated with Mail-in Ballots Follows an Elite-Driven, Mass Media Model; Social Media Plays a Secondary Role in 2020 More


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Computers in Human Behavior.

Civilization on the Moon – and what it means for life on Earth

Jessy Kate Schingler discusses the critical issues that arise when we consider civilization in outer space

Oct 8, 2020
Harvard Law Today

‘We need to be more imaginative about cybersecurity than we are right now’

BKC co-directors James Mickens and Jonathan Zittrain discussed today’s cybersecurity challenges at a recent event.

Oct 7, 2020

How Not to Cover Voter Fraud Disinformation

Journalists should treat systematic disinformation campaigns from President Trump and his party no differently than…

Oct 7, 2020
MacArthur Foundation

Tressie McMillan Cottom and Mary Gray receive 2020 MacArthur Fellowships

Faculty associates receive “genius grants” for “extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits.”

Oct 6, 2020
Centre for International Governance Innovation

Should Big Tech Be Setting the Terms of Political Speech?

evelyn douek, Dipayan Ghosh talk with the Centre for International Governance Innovation

Oct 5, 2020
The Chicago Tribune

To secure elections, paper ballots, risk-limiting audits and fighting misinformation are required

Abbey Stemler discusses the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to secure elections

Oct 2, 2020
Columbia Journalism Review

COVID at the White House, voter disinformation, and how to report around the propaganda

Yochai Benkler joins the Columbia Journalism Review’s podcast

Oct 2, 2020

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metaLAB (at) Harvard

metaLAB (at) Harvard

Explores the digital arts and humanities through research, teaching, publications, and exhibitions More

Web Integrity Project

The Web Integrity Project (WIP) monitors changes to government websites More

The Ethics of Digitalization

Led by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), the Berkman Klein Center, and the Digital… More

Youth and Media

Youth and Media

Youth and Media (YaM) encompasses an array of research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth (age 12-18)… More

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the way we use technology

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The Connected Parent: An Expert Guide to Parenting in a Digital World

A Harvard Law School Library Faculty Book Talk with Urs Gasser and John Palfrey More

Two Geniuses Walk into a Zoom

Tressie McMillan Cottom & Mary L. Gray discuss their latest work in relation to their recent MacArthur Fellows award. More

Covid State of Play: Authoritarian Politics & COVID-19

How Should U.S. public health officials lead in this political moment? More

Cybersecurity: How Far Up the Creek Are We?

Join BKC Board Members James Mickens and Jonathan Zittrain for a conversation that explores cybersecurity beyond its… More