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Anupam Chander

2023-2024 RSM Visiting Scholar

Anupam Chander is the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Technology at Georgetown University.

Author of The Electronic Silk Road (Yale University Press), he is a gradate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. He clerked for Second Circuit Chief Judge Jon Newman and Ninth Circuit Judge William Norris. He practiced law in New York and Hong Kong with Cleary Gottlieb. He has been a visiting law professor at Yale, Chicago, Stanford, Cornell, and Tsinghua. He is a Vice President of the Georgetown University Senate.

A recipient of Google Research Awards and an Andrew Mellon grant, Chander has consulted for the World Bank, World Economic Forum and UNCTAD. He is a member of the American Law Institute, as well as a non-resident fellow at Yale’s Information Society Project and the Center for Democracy and Technology.



Lawfare Daily: Anupam Chander, Kyle Langvhardt, and Alan Rozenshtein on the Supreme Court's Decision in Moody v. NetChoice

Anupam Chander discusses the SCOTUS NetChoice rulings and the ramifications of the opinions.

Jul 3, 2024

TikTok offered an extraordinary deal. The U.S. government took a pass.

Anupam Chander provides expert commentary and analysis to Drew Harwell regarding the possible TikTok ban.

May 29, 2024
The Conversation

TikTok law threatening a ban if the app isn’t sold raises First Amendment concerns

Anupam Chander and Gautam Hans discusses the legal challenge filed by TikTok against the U.S. government over the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled…

May 21, 2024
Tech Policy Press

What's Next for TikTok, and US Tech Policy

Anupam Chander reacts to the new law that could ban TikTok, underlining the need for greater accountability in the US government's tech regulation.

Apr 28, 2024
The New York Times

Congress Passed a Bill That Could Ban TikTok. Now Comes the Hard Part.

Anupam Chander comments on the sell-or-ban TikTok bill, newly signed by President Biden."It's going to be a royal mess."Read more in The New York Times.

Apr 23, 2024
LPE Project

Six Reactions to the Proposed TikTok Ban

In an LPE Project collection, Anupam Chander and Elettra Bietti offer unenthusiastic reactions to the TikTok legislation passed by the US House of Representatives. 

Mar 26, 2024

TikTok ban could upend global app economy

2023-2024 RSM Visiting Scholar Anupam Chander comments on the prospect of a TikTok ban or forced sale.

Mar 19, 2024

Why Online Free Speech Is Now Up to the Supreme Court

2023-2024 RSM Visiting Scholar Anupam Chander provides insight on the content moderation cases before the Supreme Court this term.

Feb 26, 2024
The Daily Beast

The Fresh Prince of Joseon: How a Crypto Mogul Became a Korean Royal Heir—and Formed a Digital Kingdom

2023-2024 RSM Visiting Scholar​​​​​​​ Anupam Chander comments on the feasibility of creating digital countries.

Feb 3, 2024
Indiana Law Journal

The Trade Origins of Privacy Law

2023-2024 RSM Visiting Scholar Anupam Chander explains the intersection between international trade law and privacy laws.

Feb 2, 2024
Berkeley Technology Law Journal

When the Digital Services Act Goes Global

RSM Visiting Scholar Anupam Chander argues that authoritarians might well exploit various mechanisms in the DSA to enlarge their control over the dissemination of information, and…

Jan 28, 2024
Business Insider

Big Tech has long avoided responsibility for online content. Generative AI could end that.

Anupam Chander spoke to Business Insider on the potential for generative AI to hold Big Tech responsible for online content. 

Dec 18, 2023
Tech Policy Press.

Members of Congress Don’t Dance on TikTok

RSM Visiting Scholar Anupam Chander, and Donara Aghanjani and Alyanna Apacible discuss the fraught dynamic between Congressional distrust of TikTok and TikTok's potential for…

Nov 28, 2023


Mar 5, 2024 @ 12:15 PM

Data Sovereignty: From the Digital Silk Road to the Return of the State

RSM welcomes Chinmayi Arun, Anupam Chander, and Haochen Sun for a conversation launching Data Sovereignty: From the Digital Silk Road to the Return of the State, a new open access…