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Elettra Bietti is a S.J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School, where her principal supervisor is Professor Yochai Benkler. Her research focuses on online gatekeepers and their role towards users, adopting a moral and political philosophy perspective. Her interests span widely into IP, digital rights, AI, and most forms of online and offline creativity. 

Prior to starting her doctorate, Elettra was a lawyer at a magic circle firm in London and Brussels, focusing on intellectual property disputes, EU and antitrust law. Recently she also worked for an LA-based company in film distribution and sales and volunteered for Privacy International. Elettra is qualified to practice law in New York, USA, and England and Wales, UK. She speaks fluent Italian, French and English, and basic German.


Data is power: Towards additional guidance on profiling and automated decision-making in the GDPR

In this article, the authors propose suggestions to contribute to the development of guidelines which provide the strongest protections for data subjects.

Nov 15, 2017