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Tech has an innate problem with bullshitters. But we don’t need to let them win

BKC Faculty Associate Ethan Zuckerman writes about technoculture's unique susceptibility to a mixture of falsehood and persuasive bluffing he refers to as …

Jan 25, 2023
Buzzfeed News

Meet The Three Artists Behind A Landmark Lawsuit Against AI Art Generators

Jessica Fjeld is quoted discussing the viability of lawsuits involving generative AI alleged to infringe upon artists' copyright claims. "It’s a…

Jan 20, 2023
Mother Jones

Two Years Ago This Brazilian Expert on the Far Right Predicted Their Insurrection

BKC Faculty Associate David Nemer was interviewed about his accurate prediction of a "January 6-like event" following Brazil's elections. "I wasn’t…

Jan 18, 2023
The New York Times

How ChatGPT Hijacks Democracy

"So while it’s impossible to predict what a future filled with A.I. lobbyists will look like, it will probably make the already influential and powerful even more so." …

Jan 15, 2023
Foreign Policy

What TikTok Has On You

“We’re already used to tech companies having this enormous amount of access to our personal life. By extension, the U.S. government has that access, and so how do we feel about…

Jan 12, 2023
Washington Post

Social media can be polarizing. A new type of algorithm aims to change that.

BKC Affiliate Aviv Ovadya discusses social media algorithms that burst, otherwise known as bridging systems.

Jan 11, 2023
Inside INdiana Business

IU Kelley prof: More TikTok suits likely

BKC Faculty Associate Abbey Stemler was interviewed about TikTok’s legal liability for failing to protect children from inappropriate content.

Jan 4, 2023
WAMC Northeast Public Radio

1/3/23 RT Panel

BKC Faculty Associate Fran Berman joined Alan Chartock of WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Jim Ketterer, and Sarah Rogerson in a roundtable discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Jan 3, 2023
The New York Times

The Shameful Open Secret Behind Southwest’s Failure

BKC Faculty Associate Zeynep Tufekci writes about technical debt, the problem at the heart of Southwest’s flight cancellation fiasco.

Dec 31, 2022

Toward A More Cooperative Web3

"A group of researchers, builders and activists came together to discuss platform cooperativism and the intersection with the web3 movement. We touched on some of the key…

Dec 27, 2022
The Huffington Post

How To Ask People Not To Share Photos Of Your Kids On Social Media

BKC Youth and Media Director Sandra Cortesi commented on the practice of sharing photos of children on social media.

Dec 22, 2022

Why the ‘Twitter Files’ Are Falling Flat

Joan Donovan writes about the Twitter Files and Elon Musk’s failing attempts to shape the media’s narrative.

Dec 15, 2022
Harvard Law Today

Facebook and the Problem of Truth

Jonathan Zittrain sits down with Jill Lepore in a podcast…

Dec 15, 2022
The New York Times

What Would Plato Say About ChatGPT?

BKC Faculty Associate Zeynep Tufekci

Dec 15, 2022

For Black Folks, Digital Migration Is Nothing New

Kishonna Gray discusses digital migration and Black Twitter with Chris Gilliard.

"Twitter changed leadership from one mercurial billionaire to another, and in that regard it affirms that the site was never 'ours'..."

Dec 13, 2022
Harvard Law Review

Content Moderation as Systems Thinking

Evelyn Douek, BKC Faculty Associate, writes about how to improve content moderation.

Dec 12, 2022
Hard Fork

Can ChatGPT Make This Podcast?

On the Hard Fork podcast, Aviv Ovadya speaks about ChatGPT, its potential, and related concerns.

Aviv Ovadya, BKC Affiliate, speaks about ChatGPT, its potential, and related concerns.

Dec 9, 2022

AI bot ChatGPT writes smart essays — should academics worry?

Sandra Wachter, BKC Faculty Associate, discusses ChatGPT and its concerns for academics and education. 

Dec 9, 2022
The Atlantic

The Meta Oversight Board Has Some Genuinely Smart Suggestions

RSM Visiting Scholar Kate Klonick writes about the positive steps Meta’s Oversight Board recently took, and how it can…

Dec 9, 2022
The Hill

Musk boosts Twitter’s right-wing appeal with moderation changes, ‘Twitter Files’

David Weinberger discusses the shift in Twitter’s appeal to the right following Musk’s takeover.

Dec 8, 2022