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Harvard Magazine

Curricle, the Course Catalog Matrix

Researchers from metaLAB develop a new tool for curricular exploration at Harvard

Jul 17, 2019

Technical Flaws of Pretrial Risk Assessments Raise Grave Concerns

Twenty-seven prominent researchers from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, NYU, UC Berkeley and Columbia have signed an open statement of concern regarding the use of actuarial risk…

Jul 17, 2019
LSE Impact Blog

As schools become suffused with ed-tech, is the only response to constant surveillance the right to remain silent?

Velislava Hillman asks whether the constant monitoring, micromanagement and data collection of students can guarantee a safe environment for students

Jul 16, 2019
The Hindu

Creating a fair digital payments market

Local firms in India will be at a disadvantage if big tech companies are given plum roles, says Padmashree Gehl Sampath

Jul 16, 2019

Takeaways from the Ethical Tech Industry Workshop

What could an industry standard for socially responsible, ethically-attuned technologies look like?

Jul 15, 2019
The Enterprisers Project

“Liars and Outliers” named a must-read book on security

The Enterprisers Project highlights Bruce Schneier’s Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive

Jul 15, 2019
The New York Times

How White Nationalists See What They Want to See in DNA Tests

What happens when white supremacists on the hate site Stormfront learn that they’re not as white as they thought? Two researchers investigated.

Jul 12, 2019
The Harvard Gazette

Palo Alto event showcases Harvard tech startup scene

Jonathan Zittrain delivers an energetic presentation on the ethical responsibilities of tech companies toward consumers in the era of artificial intelligence.

Jul 11, 2019
The Verge

The unpredictable legal implications of Trump’s Twitter-blocking defeat

Telling the president to unblock critics was easy, but interpreting the rule for other government accounts could be hard

Jul 11, 2019
Library Innovation Lab

Browse the Bookshelf of U.S. Case Law

Announcing the CAP Case Browser

Jul 11, 2019
KU Today

$1.4M NSF Grant Will Support Technology Education for Women Post-Incarceration

A project from BKC fellow Hyunjin Seo will offer evidence-based technology education for women who have been recently released from incarceration

Jul 10, 2019

Jack Cushman named a 2019 “Fastcase 50” Award Winner

BKC fellow honored for his work on and Caselaw Access Project

Jul 10, 2019

Will artificial intelligence replace doctors?

Exploring AI’s role in the medical field

Jul 9, 2019
Digital Freedom Fund

Promoting international collaboration among digital rights scholars, teachers, advocates, and activists

A recap of the “Connecting the Digital Rights Field with Academia” workshop

Jul 9, 2019
Present Value

Ethical Challenges with Technology in the Workplace

Ifeoma Ajunwa discusses the interplay of law and technology in the multiple stages of an employee’s journey

Jul 8, 2019

Why Libra Needs A Humanitarian Fig Leaf

Facebook says its Libra payment platform promises benefits to the poor and unbanked. NGO Mercy Corps is lending its credibility to that social impact promise, but at what cost?

Jul 8, 2019

What does it take to design for a user experience (UX) of credibility?

Investigating the Role of User Interfaces in Fighting Misinformation

Jul 8, 2019

Apple's iCloud could get Face ID and Touch ID support with iOS 13

Apple is testing new sign-in options for iCloud, but there are privacy concerns

Jul 7, 2019
The Guardian

Could ‘fake text’ be the next global political threat?

An AI fake text generator that can write paragraphs in a style based on just a sentence has raised concerns about its potential to spread false information

Jul 4, 2019
Harvard Law Today

The hidden labor supporting algorithms

“Ghost Work” reveals labor structures masked by technology

Jul 3, 2019