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Scientific American

Researchers Model Online Hate Networks In Effort to Battle Them

Susan Benesch provides an external review of the study

Aug 21, 2019

Altruism Still Fuels the Web. Businesses Love to Exploit It.

Humans aren't incorrigibly or universally selfish, but we've built plenty of institutions that do act that way.

Aug 20, 2019
The Atlantic

It’s 10 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Friends Are?

Constant location-sharing is now the norm for some friend groups.

Aug 20, 2019
Foreign Policy in Focus

Digital Authoritarianism Is Rising in the Middle East

Internet Monitor paper offers insight into current events

Aug 20, 2019

Take off your tech goggles

Ben Green offers insights into why technology is not an end in itself

Aug 16, 2019
UNI Global Union

Connective Action: Digital Tools for Trade Unions

Report highlights tools that can boost union outreach to members

Aug 16, 2019
The New York Times

A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans.

Inside the labor-intensive process that enables AI’s creation.

Aug 16, 2019

#AsianAugust, One Year Later

Has the momentum of #AsianAugust continued in the way fans and critics had hoped?

Aug 16, 2019
The New York Times

How YouTube Misinformation Resolved a WhatsApp Mystery in Brazil

WhatsApp and YouTube formed a powerful feedback loop of extremism and misinformation

Aug 15, 2019

Training the next generation of ethical techies

Tech, policy, and ethics training should begin in undergraduate studies, Zuckerman says

Aug 14, 2019
The Wire

The ‘Special Status’ of Kashmir’s Internet Must Go

2017 Report from Internet Monitor informs online censorship in India

Aug 14, 2019

Announcing Assembly: Disinformation

New program explores disinformation in the digital public sphere from a cybersecurity perspective

Aug 14, 2019
Cyberlaw Clinic

Cyberlaw Clinic Releases Fall 2019 Style Guide

General tips for strong, clear, persuasive writing; advice on editing; style rules; and more

Aug 13, 2019
The Washington Times

Women, men sharply divided on driverless cars

Women are far less enthusiastic about the prospect of driverless cars than men, recent studies show.

Aug 13, 2019
The Washington Post

Fox News has no comment on its venomous rhetoric

Network Propaganda research on media ecosystems informs recent events

Aug 12, 2019
Duke Law & Technology Review

The Past and Future of the Internet

BKC community members contribute to Symposium for John Perry Barlow

Aug 12, 2019
Foreign Policy

8 Ways to Stay Ahead of Influence Operations

With election meddling inevitable in 2020, the United States needs a powerful kill chain

Aug 12, 2019
The New York Times

How YouTube Radicalized Brazil

Research informs New York Times investigation into YouTube’s recommendations

Aug 11, 2019
The Register

You can easily secure America's e-voting systems tomorrow. Use paper.

Non-internet-connected election systems are actually connected to the internet

Aug 9, 2019
Tech Crunch

Why AI needs more social workers

BKC Faculty Associate Desmond Patton shares his perspective

Aug 9, 2019