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The Hill

Machines don’t necessarily fix our biases, they mirror them.

We should not trust an algorithm unless it can be reviewed and audited in meaningful ways.

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

Can Big Tech be fixed?

The US might get a federal privacy bill this year

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

The Tech Industry is Hijacking School Data. But Decentralized Systems Can Change That.

When it comes to children’s school data we should ask who controls it, what is it worth and how will it impact their lives.

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019
New York Times

“Thick” by Tressie McMillan Cottom is sure to become a classic of black intellectualism

"Thick" is sure to become a classic of black intellectualism

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019
Just Security

Election Security

Questions for the House Homeland Security Hearing

Should Congress and federal agencies be sharing and receiving more with platforms like Facebook to aid them in enforcing better moderation policies?

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019

Change how Facebook uses our data

Scandals underscore the need to regulate use of customers' information

"Facebook needs to change how it handles user data and personal information."

Monday, Feb 11, 2019
The Atlantic

How the “attention backbone" works to spread misinformation

Berkman Klein research cited in a writeup of how political figures are contributing to the spread of misinformation through fringe news sites and into the mainstream media

Sunday, Feb 10, 2019
Economic and Political Weekly

On WhatsApp, Rumours, and Lynchings

In the last decade, India has seen multiple rounds of communal violence in which rumour and information technology played a role

Saturday, Feb 9, 2019

There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology

"The circumvention of trust is a great promise, but it’s just not true. Yes, bitcoin eliminates certain trusted intermediaries that are inherent in other payment systems like…

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019
Nieman Lab

Transparency, diversity, philanthropy

The Knight Commission’s final recommendations for 21st-century journalism

Democracy and the news media are inextricably intertwined, and it is clear that both are in crisis.

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019

The culture of self-similarity

A fractal philosophy for a better internet

As internet technology continues to be an important part of humanity’s lived experience, humanity as a whole must be empowered to dictate their desired experience.

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019

Several countries turn off the internet when discontent smolders

An increasing number of countries are preventing citizens from reporting censurable conditions.

Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019
Working Paper

A User-Focused Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for AI-Enabled Health Tech Governance

A research agenda for stakeholders to proactively collaborate and design AI technologies that work with users to improve their health and wellbeing

Monday, Feb 4, 2019
New Media & Society

State-aligned trolling in Iran and the double-edged affordances of Instagram

Investigating the size and perpetrators of online violence, harassment, and abuse against critical members of the Iranian diaspora, including journalists, civil society activists,…

Thursday, Jan 31, 2019
Council on Foreign Relations

A Bold Proposal for Fighting Censorship: Increase the Collateral Damage

BKC Affiliate Valentin Weber proposes a bold censorship workaround for activists living under repressive regimes.

Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics

Through three new hires, Facebook may be giving real decisionmaking power to people who deeply understand the ways in which the social media site and its family of apps undermine…

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019
Harvard Law Today

Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics

Faculty Books in Brief

"We are in the early stages of the health care system’s encounter with big data, the editors write, with the benefits and perils uncertain."

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019

Fighting misinformation on social media using crowdsourced judgments of news source quality

One potential approach to reducing the spread of misinformation: having social media platform algorithms preferentially display content from news sources that users rate as…

Monday, Jan 28, 2019
Cyberlaw Clinic

Clinic Files Amicus Brief for Former Magistrate Judges re: Surveillance Orders

The Cyberlaw Clinic filed an amicus brief supporting a BuzzFeed News journalist's petition to unseal applications and orders for pen registers, trap and trace devices, tracking…

Monday, Jan 28, 2019

African countries must work together for Good ID

Berkman Klein Fellow Titi Akinsanmi discusses how policy for digital ID could develop in 2019 and what she hopes to see globally and on the African continent.

Monday, Jan 28, 2019