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An Introduction to Extitutional Theory

Jessy Kate Schingler and Primavera de Filippi write a primer on “Extitutional Theory” for the BKC Medium Collection.

Jan 20, 2021

Can We Restore A Collective Understanding of Reality, Please?

Joan Donovan and Rob Faris pen op-ed calling for media accountability

Jan 19, 2021
The Washington Post

‘Disinformation can be a very lucrative business, especially if you’re good at it,’ media scholar says

Joan Donovan discusses the Capitol attack and disinformation

Jan 19, 2021
The Atlantic

The Capitol Rioters Are Giving Insurrection a Bad Name

Ethan Zuckerman says insurrectionism can be a civically responsible form of social change

Jan 19, 2021
Harvard Law Today

For Prof. Ruth Okediji, ‘grievous’ Capitol insurrection holds hopeful lessons

Ruth Okediji reflects on the attacks on the U.S. Capitol, the state of democracy, and the role of digital technologies in politics today.

Jan 19, 2021
Misinformation Review

Disinformation creep: ADOS and the strategic weaponization of breaking news

Mutale Nkonde and colleagues publish in HKS Misinformation Review

Jan 18, 2021
The New York Times

Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump

evelyn douek weighs in on Twitter removing Trump

Jan 16, 2021

Twitter Under Pressure Over 'Double Standards' After Donald Trump, MAGA Crackdown

Shagun Jhaver speaks to Newsweek about his Twitter research

Jan 15, 2021
Los Angeles Times

Banning Trump from Twitter and Facebook isn’t nearly enough

Woodrow Hartzog and colleague argue social media companies should be held accountable

Jan 15, 2021
Coda Story

The dark side of open source intelligence

David O’Brien discusses open source intelligence

Jan 15, 2021

‘The Internet Is a Crime Scene’

Politico interviews Joan Donovan about misinformation

Jan 14, 2021

Jonathan Zittrain on the Great Deplatforming

Jonathan Zittrain joins the Lawfare Podcast

Jan 14, 2021
Just Security

Impeachment Defense, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights

Jonathan Zittrain pens an op-ed about impeachment and the First Amendment.

Jan 13, 2021

Trump social media ban will feature in future antitrust hearings

Jasmine McNealy discusses policy issues likely to appear on a Democratic-controlled agenda.

Jan 13, 2021
Harvard Law Today

Blocking the president

Harvard Law experts Yochai Benkler and evelyn douek weigh in on the suspension of President Trump’s social media accounts

Jan 13, 2021
Philadelphia Inquirer

The deadly consequences of Trump’s gradual and insidious rhetoric

Susan Benesch pens an op-ed about the dangers of Trump’s rhetoric.

Jan 13, 2021

Facial Recognition Technology Isn’t Good Just Because It’s Used to Arrest Neo-Nazis

Joan Donovan and colleague warn against using facial recognition technology in Slate

Jan 12, 2021

The real lesson of Trump's social media silencing

Ethan Zuckerman calls for a new vision of social media

Jan 12, 2021

The Facebook Oversight Board Should Review Trump’s Suspension

evelyn douek pens an op-ed on Facebook’s Oversight Board

Jan 11, 2021
The Guardian

The Capitol siege was the biggest media spectacle of the Trump era

Joan Donovan and colleagues say the storm on the Capitol was the culmination of a presidency defined by media manipulation and networked conspiracism

Jan 11, 2021