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Jeune Afrique

« Les Misérables », affaire classée ?

Leonard Cortana on why France’s entry for the Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards, Les Misérables, should be inscribed in the history of French cinema

Feb 19, 2020
Ideas on Fire Podcast

Imagine Otherwise: Sasha Costanza-Chock on Design Justice

How can putting marginalized people at the very center of design and technology change the world for the better?

Feb 19, 2020
Digital Trends

Chrome is ditching third-party cookies because Google wants your data all to itself

Elizabeth Renieris on why we should not celebrate Google's move to remove third-party cookies from Chrome

Feb 19, 2020

Facebook’s White Paper on the Future of Online Content Regulation

evelyn douek reviews a recent white paper from Facebook on online content moderation

Feb 18, 2020

Under whose thumb? Inside a Rolling Stones copyright mystery

BKC faculty associate Jennifer Jenkins on the differences between European and US copyright law when it comes to the rights of musicians

Feb 18, 2020

What’s the future of the internet — and society?

Learning from our past and reevaluating our present, a recent World Affairs Council event opened discussion for what’s next in the world of information access.

Feb 13, 2020

Is the Smart City a Good City?

An overview of smart cities and whether they can be forces for good.

Feb 13, 2020
The Lawfare Podcast

The Hard Tradeoffs of the Internet

Alex Stamos discusses his experience at Facebook handling 2016 election interference, as well as his work on cybersecurity, disinformation, and end-to-end encryption with evelyn…

Feb 13, 2020

Q&A: Can AI be virtuous?

Jessica Fjeld, lead author of Principled AI, answered questions about the report and its implications

Feb 12, 2020
Bloomberg Law

Amazon’s Judging of IP Claims Questioned in Seller Lawsuits

As Amazon expands its reign over e-commerce and gets more aggressive about rooting out counterfeiting, it’s taking a more active role in judging intellectual property disputes

Feb 12, 2020

Is it possible to tax access to social networks?

Julie Owono was recently quoted in leading French Magazine L'Express about a social media tax, proposed by a French MP, to fight against hate speech online

Feb 12, 2020
The Knight First Amendment Institute

The Rise of Content Cartels

evelyn douek urges transparency and accountability in industry-wide content removal decisions

Feb 11, 2020
Digital Trends

China’s coronavirus app will only inspire panic, experts say

Dariusz Jemielniak on a Chinese app that tracks the spread of the coronavirus.

Feb 11, 2020
Cornell Chronicle

Ajunwa to Congress: Help stop employers’ AI-fueled bias

Ifeoma Ajunwa testifies in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor

Feb 11, 2020
BU Today

How Campaigns Can Counter Deepfakes

Danielle Citron devised an eight-point plan for political campaigns to protect against fabricated video and audio

Feb 10, 2020
Heinz Radio

Understanding Internet Culture

Taylor Lorenz shares her views on “Ok Boomer,” the “flattening” of politics by social media and the internet, and the causes of the United States’ internet regulation vacuum.

Feb 10, 2020

The Future of Work: Protecting Workers’ Civil Rights in the Digital Age

Ifeoma Ajunwa testified in Congress on automated hiring, workplace surveillance, and genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programs.

Feb 10, 2020
The New York Times

Pelosi Clashes With Facebook and Twitter Over Video Posted by Trump

The video isn’t legally actionable and shouldn’t be taken down, said Jonathan Zittrain, but Facebook and Twitter should probably label the video

Feb 8, 2020