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Tech Policy Press

Disclosures of NYPD Surveillance Technologies Raise More Questions Than Answers

Desmond Patton is cited in an overview of NYPD surveillance technologies

Feb 23, 2021
The New York Times

Why Was SolarWinds So Vulnerable to a Hack?

Bruce Schneier says the market economy played a significant role in the SolarWinds attack.

Feb 23, 2021
BKC Medium Collection

Provocations for a better Internet

Jad Esber shares a curated set of provocations focused on why the internet is broken and what needs to change.

Feb 23, 2021
All Tech Is Human

Improving Social Media

Oumou Ly and Ethan Zuckerman featured in a publication from All Tech Is Human on Improving Social Media.

Feb 22, 2021
Centre for International Governance Innovation

Why Is Facebook’s Decision to Restrict News in Australia So Significant?

Elizabeth Renieris on the importance of Facebook barring news in Australia

Feb 19, 2021

Facebook makes a power move in Australia - and may regret it

Elizabeth Renieris spoke with AP following the announcement that Facebook blocked news in Australia.

Feb 19, 2021

Why Tech Companies Are Limiting Police Use of Facial Recognition

Mutale Nkonde talks with NPR about facial recognition technology.

Feb 18, 2021

Chinmayi Arun on India and the Future of the Internet

Chinmayi Arun joins the Lawfare podcast to discuss India and the future of the Internet.

Feb 18, 2021
The New York Times

The Internet Is Splintering

Chinmayi Arun and evelyn douek discuss Internet governance in The New York Times.

Feb 17, 2021
The New York Times

Democracy Is Weakening Right in Front of Us

Yochai Benkler weighs in on tech's impact on democracy in The New York Times

Feb 17, 2021
International Journal of Communication

Fighting Zika With Honey: An Analysis of YouTube’s Video Recommendations on Brazilian YouTube

Jonas Kaiser and colleagues publish in International Journal of Communication

Feb 17, 2021
Smithsonian Magazine

Ten Research-Backed Tips on Parenting in a Digital Era

With screen time at a high during the Covid-19 pandemic, John Palfrey and Urs Gasser offer some advice

Feb 16, 2021
Things Go Boom Podcast

Aliens Among U‪s‬

Oumou Ly discusses conspiracy theories on the ‘Things That Go Boom’ podcast.

Feb 15, 2021

Can an Ancient African Philosophy Save Us from AI Bias?

Sabelo Mhlambi speaks with BUToday

Feb 11, 2021
Harvard Medical School

Anti-Racist Epidemiology

Research suggests reparations for slavery could have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths in U.S.

Feb 10, 2021
BKC Medium Collection

Why the resignation of the Dutch government is a good reminder of how important it is to monitor and regulate algorithms

Doaa Abu Elyounes argues for high standards of transparency and supervision for algorithms

Feb 10, 2021
The New York Times

Trump Isn’t the Only One on Trial. The Conservative Media Is, Too.

Jonathan Zittrain speaks to the New York Times

Feb 8, 2021
MIT Technology Review

How a Democratic plan to reform Section 230 could backfire

Joan Donovan and Jonathan Zittrain weigh in on proposed Section 230 reforms

Feb 8, 2021
HBS Digital Initiative

Ifeoma Ajunwa on the limitless boundaries of employee surveillance

Ifeoma Ajunwa discusses employee surveillance with HBS Digital Initiative

Feb 8, 2021