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The Atlantic

Let Juries Review Facebook Ads

Social-media giants can’t decide how far is too far, but a panel of regular people can.

Nov 14, 2019

AI ethics is all about power

Mutale Nkonde suggests tech and AI companies embrace racial literacy

Nov 11, 2019
The Boston Globe

Facebook’s new dating service is flopping.

BKC fellow Apryl Williams sheds light on online dating and context collapse

Nov 8, 2019
The Guardian

The rise of microchipping: are we ready for technology to get under the skin?

As implants grow more common, experts fear surveillance and exploitation of workers.

Nov 8, 2019
Harvard Law Today

Forgiveness in an age of ‘justified resentments’

Martha Minow explores the complicated intersection of the law, justice, and forgiveness

Nov 6, 2019
Centre for International Governance Innovation

What Does Twitter's Ban on Political Ads Mean for Platform Governance?

Joan Donovan and Elizabeth Dubois weigh in

Nov 5, 2019
Harvard Business Review

Is AI Bias a Corporate Social Responsibility Issue?

Improving algorithms isn’t just good for your company, Mutale Nkonde says

Nov 4, 2019
The Boston Globe

‘I forgive you’ may prove to be the most just thing we can do

Martha Minow on the power – and nuance – of forgiveness

Nov 4, 2019
Popular Mechanics

What Will the Internet Be Like in the Next 50 Years?

The internet turned 50 this week, but what comes next could be even more revolutionary.

Nov 1, 2019
New York Magazine

Danielle Citron on Deepfakes and the Representative Katie Hill Scandal

Danielle Citron reflects on her career, current events, and the future

Oct 31, 2019
Columbia Journalism Review

Facebook, free speech, and political ads

Jonathan Zittrain and evelyn douek weigh in on the power of platforms like Facebook

Oct 31, 2019

'Sharenthood: Why We Should Think Before We Talk About Our Kids Online'

Leah Plunkett discusses her new book with WNYC

Oct 30, 2019

Your AI Interviewer Will See You Now

Ifeoma Ajunwa joins WBUR to discuss the use of AI in hiring processes

Oct 30, 2019

Why Do Companies and Cities Invest in AI Ethics and Governance?

Meeri Haataja outlines motivations for companies to address AI

Oct 30, 2019
Harvard Law Today

Israeli Supreme Court Justice on combating propaganda in elections

Yochai Benkler moderated a discussion on measures the Israeli Supreme Court took to shut down deceptive election posts

Oct 29, 2019
Galley by Columbia Journalism Review

evelyn douek talks Facebook and Speech

BKC affiliate discusses free speech, platform regulation, political advertising, and Facebook’s oversight board.

Oct 29, 2019
Centre for International Governance Innovation

Protecting Information Consumers

Jonathon Penney proposes a new comprehensive regulatory framework to hold social media platforms accountable

Oct 28, 2019
Centre for International Governance Innovation

Navigating the Tech Stack: When, Where and How Should We Moderate Content?

Joan Donovan describes content moderation in the context of a tech stack

Oct 28, 2019

New U.N. Report on Online Hate Speech

evelyn douek reviews David Kaye’s latest report

Oct 25, 2019