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Jack Cushman


Jack is a senior developer at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, where he builds projects to explore the future of law, libraries, and the internet, and where he maintains the Caselaw Access Project's complete collection of United States caselaw. He is also a lecturer at Harvard Law School, where he teaches the course Programming for Lawyers.

Jack is a former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, a former associate of the law firm of Stern, Shapiro, Weissberg, and Garin, and a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law.


Nov 20, 2014

Berkman Community Newcomers: Jack Cushman

Meet Berkman fellow Jack Cushman, who works on to support digital preservation at university libraries.



Jack Cushman named a 2019 “Fastcase 50” Award Winner

BKC fellow honored for his work on and Caselaw Access Project

Jul 10, 2019