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Jack Cushman


Jack Cushman is an attorney, programmer, and digital artist from Somerville, Massachusetts. As a fellow he is working primarily on, building a distributed network for digital preservation at university libraries.

After graduating from Northeastern University School of Law in 2008, Jack clerked for Justice Margot Botsford of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. He then worked as an appellate attorney for the Boston firm of Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin. His significant civil rights cases include Finch v. Health Connector, which struck down a discriminatory law barring tens of thousands of lawful immigrants from health insurance, and Commonwealth v. Walczak, which created the first constitutional requirement for mandatory jury instructions in Massachusetts grand jury proceedings. Jack joined the Board of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts in 2014.

Jack first worked as a computer programmer for the web design firm Davanita (now Alexander Interactive), starting at the age of sixteen. He wrote and maintains PDFQuery, a library for elegant data collection from PDFs. In 2008 he launched mySQLgame, a briefly popular massively multiplayer online database editing game, and he has directed several award-winning teams in Boston's 48 Hour Film Project. Jack's homepage features a wide variety of his interactive art, tools, and experiments, from realtime video mashup software written in Quartz Composer, to recursive art drawn in Microsoft Word.



Nov 20, 2014

Berkman Community Newcomers: Jack Cushman

Meet Berkman fellow Jack Cushman, who works on to support digital preservation at university libraries.



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