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Nana is an accomplished lawyer and policy consultant with over a decade of expertise, applying her skills to policy matters in numerous sectors across several countries. Throughout her career, she has built robust relationships with various global civil society stakeholders, academics, and government figures. Her portfolio includes designing knowledge management systems and taxonomy frameworks for various donors and organizations, such as the UN, OCP, GIZ, and DFID (now FCDO).

Nana has a deep passion for fortifying learning communities, focusing particularly on enhancing civic spaces. She's fascinated by the potential of technology in delivering humanitarian responses and the unique challenges it presents in facilitating change.

With a rich educational background, Nana holds a law degree from Abia State University, a master's degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Law from the University of Liverpool, and another master's in International Humanitarian Affairs from the University of York. She serves as the Committee Chair for Callphone Limited's Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee, a pioneering FinTech Company in Nigeria. She sits on Tech Project Women’s Initiative (TechHerNG) board.

Nana's work has earned her numerous accolades, including the US International Visitors’ Leadership Programme. She also holds an affiliate fellowship at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Centre, where she actively contributes to research on AI and Agency in the Global South, among other topics.

Outside of her professional commitments, Nana cherishes her role as a mother to her children. Her interests span from Afrobeat and classical music to board games. She volunteers by providing free legal counsel to women-led startups, a testament to her dedication to empowerment and equality. Nana relishes preparing Jollof Rice, savouring Suya, enjoying an endless supply of cappuccinos, and discovering how people navigate relationships in the digital realm.


Mar 3, 2021 @ 12:00 PM

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