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Nana Mgbechikwere Nwachukwu is the Knowledge Management Advisor for DFID’s Policy Development Facility Bridge Programme, bridging her interests in law, technology, human rights and humanitarianism into an interdisciplinary career. With over 11 years’ experience working on economic policy, governance and digital issues particularly on policy formulations and civic engagement, she expertly synthesizes complex data/information to inform action. She is passionate about strengthening digital spaces as governance, policy-making and free speech tools.

She is currently tracking and monitoring the manipulation of Facebook and Twitter community safety guidelines. While at the Berkman Klein Centre, she will contribute to research on digital authoritarianism. Nana has a degree in law from Abia State University, a master’s degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Law from the University of Liverpool and is current finishing up a master’s degree in International Humanitarian Affairs from the University of York, United Kingdom where she is researching ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Technology in Improving Humanitarian Responses: Focus on Social Media’.  

Beyond work, she volunteers her time strengthening the capacity of small businesses and civil society organization to navigate legal issues. 


Mar 3, 2021 @ 12:00 PM

Digital Witnesses: The Power of Looking

Video & Podcast: Featuring Allissa Richardson, Nana Mgbechikwere Nwachukwu, and Hannane Ferdjani

Video & Podcast: A panel exploring how Black people around the world are using digital technology to bear witness to human rights injustices—from the Black Lives Matter movement,…