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Sahar researches the political economy of tech giants, disruptions to information ecosystems, and design principles for better social media.

His work straddles social movements and the tech industry. During a four year stint at Facebook, he worked on teams which protect elections and deepen civic engagement worldwide. Before that, he ran the data for fundraising at Wikipedia, founded two prosocial startups, and served as the founding data scientist at Grovo Learning.

Sahar currently sits on the advisory committee of the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice. He also has 12 years of diverse political experience, from community organizing on the board of Citizen Action of New York to mentoring with StartingBloc, to digital campaigning for Zephyr Teachout, and more.



They left Facebook’s integrity team. Now they want the world to know how it works.

Sahar Massachi and Jeff Allen are assembling a team of integrity professionals who will attempt to answer big questions about social media out in the open.

Oct 26, 2021


Apr 20, 2021 @ 12:00 PM

Governing the Social Media City

Video & Podcast: Integrity Design Approaches To Challenging Digital Community Problems

Video & Podcast: Two former tech insiders turned public advocates discuss ways that platforms can mitigate all kinds of harms, without creating the moral and practical problems…