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All Tech Is Human Library Podcast Series #15 | Sahar Massachi

Sahar Massachi joins David Ryan Polgar to discuss "the importance of fostering a generation of integrity workers to transform our technology ecosystem."

“For me, I like the term ‘integrity’ for a few reasons. First of all, it connotes the sense of structural integrity, which says that the problem is that systems are being abused which means thinking systemically and thinking about the problem as being abuse, that is behavior and actors as opposed to just content. Also, I think the term trust and safety has connotations of centering around content moderation and policy people. Whereas I think integrity has connotations more around design, product, stuff like that. And also, should platforms be trusted? Maybe they should act in more trustable ways first. Is making people safe the correct framework? Maybe it's making democracy healthy. Maybe those things are intentional sometimes.” 

Listen to the full conversation at the All Tech is Human Podcast.


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