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Samuel Klein is an engineer and experimental ontologist, currently developing the Underlay Project for federating global public knowledge. He is a co-founder of the Knowledge Futures Group, designing ways to record and curate research that minimize barriers to entry and address systemic bias. He previously served as trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation, content director for One Laptop per Child, and built tools for translation, stargazing, and teaching physics.

On Wikipedia:

(Photo by Lane Hartwell, CC-SA-3.0)

Projects & Tools

Copyright for Librarians

The Berkman Center partnered with eIFL to deliver a distance learning program on copyright for librarians. The resulting curriculum, made available on March 24, 2010, can be used… More


MIT Press Podcast

Discussions on Open Access: Open Science Tools

Surveying and explaining open science initiatives and tools

Nov 5, 2018


Jun 5, 2007 @ 12:30 PM

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project: Education, Development, and Content.

SJ Klein, Director of Content for OLPC

SJ Klein discussed questions of content, access, and quality specifically in South American and Africa relating to One Laptop Per Child's international goals. More