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Jad (@🕺🕺🕺) is the co-founder of Koodos and is interested in building tools, spaces, and experiences focussed on creative expression, which he will be working on as a BKC Fellow. He regularly writes & speaks about youth and the internet & is particularly interested in the emerging category of ‘user-curated content’.  

He was previously at Google & YouTube, where he worked with creators and artists in emerging markets, was commissioned to build a new curation product and spearheaded a number of the platform’s efforts on social issues in Europe. Jad also co-founded a registered volunteer-run STEM outreach charity that reaches 50,000 young people. 

Jad has a Bachelor and Master in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from Harvard, where he was also a Sainsbury Management Fellow and led the entrepreneurship club. 


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