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Jad is the co-founder of koodos labs, a products and research company that focuses on the next generation of the Internet and the creators of Shelf.

In addition, Jad is an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. His research focuses on the evolution of internet platforms and inverting the internet's personal data model to place individuals in control of their digital identities. He experiments with novel platform design patterns, contributes to regulatory frameworks, and studies the implications of explicit consent and user-provisioned access to data. This includes the role of personal data on the health of artificial intelligence and potential futures for incentive-aligned business models.

As an active contributor to discussions on emerging technologies, including AI and decentralized technologies, and their influence on platform design, business, and culture, Jad has bylines and features in the Harvard Business Review, Wired, Quartz, A16Z Future, and others. He has been invited to speak at places like the UN, Harvard, UPenn, and Round. He also contributes to working groups at the W3C and IAPP, and advises and invests in various technology startups.

Previously, Jad was at Google and YouTube, where he contributed to numerous initiatives during his tenure. He worked on expanding the creator ecosystem in several emerging markets, a host of experimental creator-focused features, and efforts to build trust amidst the advertiser revolt on the platform.

Before Google and YouTube, Jad trained as an engineer, earning both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Sainsbury Management Fellow and led both the Entrepreneurship Club and the Improv Club.


koodos labs

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