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Cyberlaw Clinic Blog

Cyberlaw Clinic Testifies Before Copyright Office in DMCA Hearings

The Cyberlaw Clinic testified before the Copyright Office on exemptions to §1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the circumvention of certain technical…

Apr 19, 2024
[citation needed]

AI isn't useless. But is it worth it?

Molly White finds generative AI lackluster for advertised and commonly attempted uses but potentially well suited for some tasks—but the social utility of those tasks is…

Apr 17, 2024
Sustainable Futures

How to unite local initiatives for a more sustainable global future

BKC Faculty Associate Vasilis Kostakis and Nikiforos Tsiouris advocate for a commons-based technology framework, challenging the notion that high-tech will solve major socio…

Apr 16, 2024
Tech Policy Press

The Word Censorship Has An Actual Meaning: A Defense of Content Moderation

Dylan Moses distinguishes censorship and content moderation, arguing that conflating them creates problems and dangers.

Apr 16, 2024
Rest of World

The startup offering free toilets and coffee for delivery workers — in exchange for their data

BKC Affiliate Mariel García–Montes comments on Nippy, the startup that offers gig workers services, like bathroom access, in exchange for their data.

Apr 15, 2024
She Persisted

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FRIENDSHIP: Forming Connections in the Social Media Era feat. Jeffery Hall

Jeffrey Hall discusses friendship and loneliness among young people.

Apr 15, 2024

Adobe’s ‘Ethical’ Firefly AI Was Trained on Midjourney Images

Rebecca Tushnet spoke to Bloomberg about the training of Adobe's AI tool Firefly

Apr 12, 2024

Backdoor in XZ Utils That Almost Happened

Bruce Schneier writes about a recent potential cybersecurity catastrophe.

Apr 9, 2024
Communications of the ACM

In Memoriam: Ross Anderson, 1956-2024

Bruce Schneier memorializes Ross Anderson. "Ross was a pragmatic visionary. His mastery of both the technologies and the underlying policy issues showed a deep command of…

Apr 8, 2024
Open Global Rights

“Nothing about us without us”: People on the move interrogate border tech with the Migration and Technology Monitor

BKC Faculty Associate Petra Molnar advocates for prioritizing the meaningful participation by individuals with lived experiences at border crossings in conversations around border…

Apr 5, 2024
The Harvard Gazette

How dating sites automate racism

Apryl Williams joined BKC for an event on her new book about algorithmic bias in online dating apps.

Apr 4, 2024
Harvard Law Today

Faculty share stories of an intellectual about-face

Jonathan Zittrain moderates an event centered around reckoning with changing one's mind. Ruth Okediji, one of the panelists, describes her own experience: "I had to begin to…

Apr 4, 2024
New York Times

‘The People’s Joker’ and the Perils of Playing With a Studio’s Copyright

BKC Director Rebecca Tushnet explains the fair use doctrine of copyright.

Apr 4, 2024
NBC News

A new book has amplified fierce debate around teens, mental health and smartphones

Joe Bak-Coleman speaks about the debate on kids' mental health and the relationship to social media and smartphones. “Ninety percent of this debate is basically just back…

Apr 3, 2024
Harvard Magazine

Making the Public Record Public

Jonathan Zittrain spoke on the digitization and release of 7 million judicial decisions, extending back to the nation’s founding. 

Apr 3, 2024
The Harvard Gazette

Why AI fairness conversations must include disabled people

Maitreya Shah spoke about his work centering experiences of people with disabilities. 

Apr 3, 2024
Wonks and War Rooms

Counter-speech as Content Moderation with Kesa White

Kesa White joins Elizabeth Dubois to discuss her work on "dog whistling," and argues that, while counter speech can be helpful in limited situations, it does not fix the issue of…

Apr 3, 2024
The Harvard Crimson

Biden National Security Official Discusses AI and Cybersecurity at Harvard Law School Talk

BKC Director and Faculty Chair Jonathan Zittrain converses with Deputy National Security Adviser Anne Neuberger about AI and national security. 

Apr 3, 2024
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Media Literacy Education and AI

Director of Art & Education at metaLAB Sarah Newman joins a panel to discuss the skills needed to navigate a world increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence,…

Apr 3, 2024
NBC News

A new book has amplified fierce debate around teens, mental health and smartphones

Joe Bak-Coleman comments on the debate over the research on mental health in teens and social media usage.

Apr 3, 2024