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Dr. Florian Martin-Bariteau is a Faculty Associate of the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and the University Research Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Ottawa, where he is an Associate Professor of Law, the Director of the AI + Society Initiative as well as the Director (on leave) of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society.

Dr. Florian Martin-Bariteau is an internationally recognized thought leader on technology policy engaged in shaping frameworks that safeguard rights and liberties in the digital context to build a more secure and inclusive society. A technologist and creative turned legal scholar, his research focuses on technology law, ethics and policy, with a special interest in blockchain, artificial intelligence, quantum science and technology, cybersecurity, whistleblowers and intellectual property.

Projects & Tools

Metaverse: Centering Inclusion

Bringing together experts from various sectors, conducing research to inform decision-making, and contributing to the development of a metaverse with thoughtful values and…


Policy Options

Online Harms Act: a step in the right direction to protect Canadians online

Florian Martin-Bariteau evaluates the Online Harms Act, a complex proposal to protect Canadians online.

Mar 8, 2024
CIGI Online

AI Regulation Should Not Be a Blank Cheque for Government

BKC Affiliate Maroussia Lévesque and BKC Faculty Associate Florian Martin-Bariteau write about Canada’s federal regulation of AI and data.

Apr 27, 2023
Council of Europe

The impact of the blockchains for Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

BKC Fellow Florian Martin-Bariteau assembled a report to the Council of Europe on blockchain opportunities. "The impact of the blockchains for Human Rights, Democracy…

Nov 15, 2022
The Law Bytes Podcast

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 139: Florian Martin-Bariteau on the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act

BKC Fellow Florian Martin-Bariteau speaks about the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act on the Law Bytes podcast.  “Bill C-27, Canada’s privacy reform bill introduced in…

Aug 15, 2022


May 17, 2023 @ 5:30 PM

7 Fellows Predict the Future: Many questions and some answers on human capital, artificial intelligence, politics, and rights!

Come through for the 2022-2023 BKC Fellows' lighting talks on May 17...

Apr 18, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

Copyright, Text Mining and AI Training

4/18: A conversation presented by the University of Ottawa AI + Society Initiative and BKC, with the UOttawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society

4/18: Faith  Majekolagbe, Michael Geist, and Ruth Okediji discuss copyright issues  and recent developments regarding text and data mining.