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Elisabeth Sylvan

Managing Director

Dr. Elisabeth (“Lis") Sylvan is the Managing Director of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Dr. Sylvan’s lifelong interest is in sociotechnical systems that support creativity, shared knowledge, and collaboration. Since joining BKC in the summer of 2019, she has applied her understanding of how to support communities to helping the center build its capacity to work in a more integrated and collaborative manner. She has spearheaded new ways of developing programs and educational initiatives and has helped the center to build the capacity to engage in these areas more going forward.

As these operational efforts have taken shape, Dr Sylvan has been able to shift her attention to helping launch new educational initiatives such as the Summer Institute and Research Sprints. The Research Sprints are part of The Ethics of Digitalization program and include both Digital Ethics in Times of Crisis: COVID-19 & Access to Education Learning Spaces and Digital Self Determination. She has also become involved in the Policy Practice: AI particularly on topics related to education and youth. Dr. Sylvan co-organizes the Tech through Spec working group with BKC affiliate Amy Johnson.

Before joining BKC, Dr. Sylvan ran a consulting practice focused on research, education and technology for nonprofits and museums. Before she was a full-time consultant, Lis was the Vice President of Education at The Tech Museum in Silicon Valley (now The Tech Interactive) where she created a new education department. While Maker in Residence at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, she launched a makerspace for K14 educators and community college students and taught classes on makerspace practices and instructional design. As a Fellow and Director of Learning and Community at Manylabs she developed programs for communities to use environmental and social sensors for civic action. As a Researcher Scientist and Project Director at TERC, she project directed a web-based community of practice focused on data literacy and researched both the creative design processes of game design teams and the diffusion of ideas in communities of science inquiry within games.

Dr Sylvan’s M.S. and Ph.D. are from the MIT Media Lab where her work addressed how sociotechnical systems support shared knowledge and group action. There Dr. Sylvan received fellowships from Highlands and Islands, (2005-2006) and Media Lab Europe (2003-2004.) She was also a fellow with International Society for Design and Development in Education (2011.)  She has served on the advisory boards of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, zSpace, and the Stanford d-school Build Lab.

Projects & Tools

The Ethics of Digitalization

Led by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), the Berkman Klein Center, and the Digital Asia Hub, and in collaboration with the Global Network of…

Web Integrity Project

The Web Integrity Project (WIP) monitors changes to government websites


Dec 17, 2020

BKC Policy Practice on AI Hosts Expert Review of Colombia’s AI Ethical Framework with Focus on Youth

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Colombia President Iván Duque Márquez launches AI framework; BKC’s Urs Gasser delivers keynote

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Elisabeth Sylvan joins Berkman Klein Center as Managing Director

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