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Past Project

Alternative Data Futures: Cooperative Principles, Data Trusts, and the Digital Economy

During the fall of 2021, The New School's Platform Cooperativism Consortium and BKC ran a Research Sprint with a cohort of early-career researchers, cooperative leaders, and activists from 8 countries across 4 continents. The "Alternative Data Futures: Cooperative Principles, Data Trusts, and the Digital Economy" Research Sprint brought together this group to explore new pathways for democratic governance of collective data.

With the help of world-renowned experts on the data economy and platform cooperatives, participants in the sprint examined existing data cooperatives, explored the data needs of the communities that cooperatives serve, and investigated difficult social, legal, and technological problems linked to community ownership and data governance.




Our Work 02

Feb 10, 2022

What We Learned from Our Research Sprint on Cooperative Data Governance

Resources and participant work from the Platform Cooperative Consortium/BKC "Alternative Data Futures" research sprint...

Oct 5, 2021

Research Sprint Explores Cooperative Approaches to Data Ownership and Governance

Researchers and practitioners from around the world investigate the design and dilemmas of data trusts and cooperatives and how they can help communities

BKC and the New School's Platform Cooperativism Consortium gather researchers, leaders, and activists to explore Alternative Data Futures...

Community 01


In the Balance: Q&A with Janis Wong, PhD researcher in computer science, the University of St Andrews

Janis Wong, who recently completed a research sprint hosted by the Berkman Klein Center, speaks with McKinsey’s Stephanie Spangler about data governance “In our work, we refer…

Apr 5, 2022

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