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Co-Designing Generative Futures

Co-Designing Generative Futures

The development and implementation of generative AI within all domains of business, society, and governance has accelerated in recent months. Although current debate tends to focus on the economic consequences of generative AI, there is a growing awareness of the possible broader societal impacts of generative AI, especially of the actual and potential impacts which generative AI has (or may have) on diverse communities and the majority world.

Co-Designing Generative Futures -- jointly led by the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, the NCIS at BI Norwegian Business School, ITS Rio, the TUM Think Tank, in partnership with the Global Network of Internet & Society Centers -- is a collaborative global effort to build a real-time knowledge network of experts, learners, and decision makers, leveraging diverse viewpoints, topical knowledge, and practical experience.

Through facilitating international student exchanges, academic courses, policy workshops, and multi-stakeholder conferences, the project strengthens pre-existent project-based collaboration and enables the mutual exchange of students, young researchers, and practitioners across all institutions and aims to (a) develop of a shared understanding and more harmonized series of research efforts that rigorously assess the different impacts that generative AI technologies have across different populations, geographies, and contexts; and (b) support the transfer of applied insights across academia, change agents from the public and private sectors, as well as the next generation of leaders to ensure that generative AI technologies advance the social good rather than perpetuate or exacerbate social inequalities.


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May 23, 2023

Co-Designing Generative Futures: A Global Conversation About AI

BKC hosted an international workshop to address the opportunities and challenges of generative AI...

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