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Dr. Sameer Hinduja is a Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, and Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. He is recognized internationally for his groundbreaking work on the subjects of cyberbullying, sexting, and social media and gaming abuse, concerns that have paralleled the exponential growth in online communication by young people.

He has written seven books, and his interdisciplinary research has been cited approximately 20,000 times in a wide range of fields including pediatrics, information technology, computer science, business, psychology, education, and nursing. As a noted researcher and speaker on youth and social media issues for the last 20 years, Dr. Hinduja trains technologists, educators, mental health professionals, youth specialists, parents, and students around the world on how to promote the positive use of technology and build healthy online communities.

Dr. Hinduja is frequently asked to provide expert commentary by news organizations, and his work has been featured in venues that include CNN, NPR, the BBC, and The New York Times. He has received Auburn University's Global Anti-Bullying Hero Award, won Florida Atlantic University's Researcher of the Year award, presented on cyberbullying at a Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill, testified in front of the Attorney General and the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security, and served as a Fulbright Specialist Scholar at Dublin City University. Dr. Hinduja is the Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Bullying Prevention, published by Springer.


Tech Policy Press

The Race to Detect AI-Generated Content and Tackle Harms

Sameer Hinduja, Nighat Dad, and coauthors detail the troubling proliferation of deepfakes and the various legal, technological, and even user-education-focused interventions…

Mar 11, 2024
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Confronting Bullying in the Cyber Age

BKC Faculty Associate Sameer Hinduja provides insight on the impacts of online bullying in children.

Jan 24, 2024

Thinking Through Generative AI Harms Among Users on Online Platforms

BKC Faculty Associate Sameer Hinduja offers a deep dive into the sobering potential of generative AI tools to perpetuate online harassment at massive scale.

Nov 9, 2023

Social Media, Youth, and New Legislation: The Most Critical Components

BKC Faculty Associate Sameer Hinduja discusses the challenge of regulating social media platforms to protect young people.

Sep 14, 2023
Cyberbullying Research Center

Generative AI as a Vector for Harassment and Harm

BKC Faculty Associate Sameer Hinduja warns about the myriad ways generative AI can be used to harass and harm others. 

May 10, 2023
ABC News

Snapchat safety features for parents announced

BKC Faculty Associate Sameer Hinduja speaks about the new Snapchat safety features.   “Now, of course, those parents or guardians are not going to be able to see the…

Aug 9, 2022

Bullying Dropped as Students Spent Less Time in In-Person Classes During Pandemic

Sameer Hinduja said that the pandemic-related push for online classes also meant that students reported bullying — and being bullied — less than before. But cyberbullying remains…

Jan 10, 2022
The Markup

The Shadows of Removed Posts Are Hiding in Plain Sight on Reddit

Sameer Hinduja explains the implications of a security flaw on Reddit that allow removed posts to continue to be viewed.

Dec 16, 2021

Cyberbullying Insurance Is for Real. Here’s What it Covers

Sameer Hinduja shares insight on the psychological damage that online harassment can inflict on victims — and the limitations of cyberbullying insurance.

Sep 24, 2021

When to Reply on Social Media—and When to Not

Sameer Hinduja shares insights on how to address cyberbullying.

May 26, 2021