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Nighat Dad is an accomplished digital policy geek & dynamic advocate in the realm of digital rights, serving as the visionary founder and Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation, a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding digital freedoms in Pakistan & south asia. Recognized globally for her profound impact on debates around content moderation, tech regulation, platform governance and accountability, Nighat brings her exceptional expertise to the Berkman Klein Center as a distinguished affiliate. With a profound commitment to advancing digital rights, Nighat's multifaceted work addresses critical issues at the intersection of technology, society, and human rights. She is one of the founding members of the Oversight Board, where her insightful perspectives contribute to shaping the decision around content moderation of Meta platforms. Nighat's primary research & policy interests coalesce around digital rights, with a specific focus on data protection, free speech in online spaces, and combating online violence. Embracing her identity as a feminist, Nighat is a fervent advocate for the empowerment of women in the Global majority, harnessing the potential of digital technology to bridge gaps and amplify voices that have historically been marginalized. Her achievements have garnered her international acclaim, including the prestigious Human Rights Tulip Award, a testament to her exceptional contributions to the cause of human rights in the digital age. She is also distinguished as a TED Fellow and a TIME’s Next Generation Leader, underscoring her influence and impact. At the Berkman Klein Center, Nighat's research endeavors delve into a targeted and comparative exploration of internet governance models worldwide. With a keen focus on regulatory mechanisms, she seeks to develop a comprehensive taxonomy that effectively categorizes these models. Through rigorous analysis, Nighat aims to map the intricate web of regulatory systems, considering the diverse contexts from which they emerge. A central aspect of her research involves assessing the transferability of these models across distinct global contexts, ensuring alignment with international human rights standards. Nighat's scholarly pursuits epitomize her commitment to charting a course toward a more equitable digital future. Her presence at the Berkman Klein Center enriches the intellectual discourse and collaborative efforts aimed at shaping progressive and inclusive digital policies worldwide.


Tech Policy Press

The Race to Detect AI-Generated Content and Tackle Harms

Sameer Hinduja, Nighat Dad, and coauthors detail the troubling proliferation of deepfakes and the various legal, technological, and even user-education-focused interventions…

Mar 11, 2024