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Shreya Tewari

Staff Fellow

Shreya is an Employee Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center working with the Lumen Project. At Lumen, she researches and writes on issues pertaining to the global takedown and intermediary liability landscape and works with the team to manage data and develop researcher tools for the database. Prior to this, she has worked with various digital rights organizations including Digital Freedom Fund, Berlin, and Center for Global Freedom of Expression, Columbia University.

Shreya studied Law at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India, and finished her LLM in Information Technology, Media and Communication Laws from the London School of Economics and Political Science. At LSE, she authored and co-authored papers on proportionality in surveillance, intermediary liability, and journalistic privilege.

When Shreya isn’t working, she pursues her love for Rumi's writings and Slam Poetry. She is always up for chats about world cuisine, poetry, and random existential questions like ‘What is the meaning of life?’. Her closest friends primarily see her as the person who brings back Indian sweets, every time she visits home!

Projects & Tools


Lumen collects and studies online content removal requests, providing transparency and supporting research and analysis of the Web's notice and takedown ecosystem, in terms of who…



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Sep 9, 2021
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