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Mutale Nkonde is an AI policy analyst and researcher based in New York City.

She started her career as a 2018-19 fellow at Data & Society, a Research Institute in New York City and works at the intersection of race, technology, and policy. Nkonde has been working as a senior tech policy advisor for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke since 2016. She was part of the team that helped introduce the Algorithmic Accountability Act into the House of Representatives in April 2019, and is currently considering a series of data privacy proposals. She is also the founder of the Dorothy Vaughn Tech Symposium, a briefing series that takes place on Capitol Hill. Her work has been covered in MIT Tech Review, WIRED, Venture Crunch, Muse and PBS News Hour, as well as being a co-author of a report on racial literacy and tech, and she speaks widely on race, policy, and AI.


Fast Company

5 simple rules to make AI a force for good

BKC fellow Mutale Nkonde shares suggestions for making A.I. a force for good

Sep 20, 2019
MIT Technology Review

A facial recognition ban is coming to the US, says an AI policy advisor

Mutale Nkonde discusses potential federal restrictions on the use of facial recognition technology

Sep 18, 2019
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Women, men sharply divided on driverless cars

Women are far less enthusiastic about the prospect of driverless cars than men, recent studies show.

Aug 13, 2019
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The Lawless Way to Disable 8chan

The decision to disable an infamous message board fell to Matthew Prince, an internet executive who is deeply uncomfortable with his own power.

Aug 6, 2019
The Boston Globe

Can the U.S. regulate 8chan?

Incoming BKC fellow Mutale Nkonde says we need a legal definition for harmful speech that could be regulated

Aug 5, 2019
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Legislation aimed at stopping deepfakes is a bad idea

US legislators say they want to stop deepfakes at the source, so they introduced the DEEPFAKES Accountability Act.

Jul 1, 2019