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Digital Rights and Online Harassment in the Global South

Digital Rights and Online Harassment in the Global South

featuring Berkman Klein Affiliate, Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad discusses the state of freedom of expression, privacy, and online harassment in the global south, with a particular focus on Pakistan, where she is based. Dad is the Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), a nonprofit that seeks to protect the freedom and security of all people online, with a particular focus on women and human rights defenders.

In late 2016, DRF launched a cyber harassment hotline, and Dad will present key findings from a recently released report on the first four months of its operation. The report affords up-to-the-moment insights on significant challenges facing internet users in Pakistan and throughout the region. 

About Nighat

Nighat Dad is the Executive Director of Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan. She is an accomplished lawyer and a human rights activist. Nighat is one of the pioneers who have been campaigning around access to open internet in Pakistan and globally. She has been actively campaigning  and  engaging at a policy level on issues focusing on Internet Freedom, Women and Technology, Digital Security, and Women’s empowerment. Nighat has been named in TIME's Next Generation Leaders List, and has won Atlantic Council Freedom of Expression Award, and also Human Rights Tulip Award for her work in digital rights and freedom. She is also an Affiliate at Berkman Klien Centre for the year 2016-2017

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Past Event
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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