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Daniel Jones

Communications Manager

Dan joined the Berkman Klein Center in September of 2008 as Digital Media Producer and as Communications Manager in 2018.

As Communications Manager he leads efforts to translate the Center’s research to wider audiences through press and social media, as well as in-house academic design and multimedia production. He also produces the Berkman Klein Center podcast, The Platform.

He completed an MFA in Film and Digital Media at American University in Washington, DC.

He obtained his BA in Environmental Studies at Hunter College in New York City, after which he produced a narrative feature, a documentary, and several shorts and commercial pieces with his company, Blanket Statement Productions. He also was an assistant instructor in film and video at Education for the Arts in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

In his previous life Dan made a hobby of jobs and internships, working at various times for a library, a Republican Senator, a Democratic New York City Councilwoman, for PBS, the United Nations, WBAI-FM, for a consumer advocacy group, and for a professional walker (no kidding). Dan enjoys talking about film, digital media, collaborative filtering, public radio, and podcasting, and in his free time likes to trail run, travel, cook, and eat.


Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015

Holyoke: A Massachusetts Municipal Light Plant Seizes Internet Access Business Opportunities

Holyoke Gas & Electric’s telecom division provides high-speed Internet access to local businesses and public agencies, bringing in revenue and profits while aiding in local… More


Sunday, Feb 18, 2018

John Perry Barlow and the Foundational Values of the Net

an interview with Charles Nesson

Berkman Klein Center Founder and Director Charles Nesson shares his thoughts on how John Perry Barlow helped build the values of the Internet. More

Friday, Dec 1, 2017

When a Bot is the Judge

What happens when our criminal justice system uses algorithms to help judges determine bail, sentencing, and parole? More

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2009

Radio Berkman 140: Three Trends of 2009

This week on Radio Berkman: Dan Jones turns the tables on David Weinberger, interviewing him about some of the big themes from this year's Supernova conference... More



How Youth Are Reinventing Instagram and Why Having Multiple Accounts Is Trending

Our Youth & Media team looked at how teens are using social media to figure out who they are.

Friday, Nov 2, 2018