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Greg Leppert is running the marathon. He's pumping his arms, thinking about sustainable media properties on the Internet, breathing to the rhythm of robotic user interfaces. Greg is coding and designing and running. is taking a water break, the social retail site he cofounded and coded now relaxing under the eBay umbrella. is keeping pace, pushing ephemeral link sharing and rejecting curation—designed and built by Greg to quietly and diligently go the distance to where there is no news cycle, only a line of content reaching toward infinity.

At the horizon, coming into focus through beads of sweat, is a new way of interacting with aerial robots, one that is as familiar and useful to the common person as running. Greg is gaining ground. His determination is building, his legs are burning, his arms are pumping. Greg is thinking and breathing and pumping.

- Founder, Boomerang
- Founder,
- Cofounder,
- Acquired Person,
- Designer/Printer, Hatch Show Print
- Designer, EMI


Nov 6, 2014

Berkman Community Newcomers: Greg Leppert

Meet Berkman affiliate Greg Leppert, whose work explores social collecting and our interactions with technology.