Dave Arney

David Arney works to improve patient safety by advancing medical device interoperability. As the Lead Engineer of the Medical Device Plug and Play Interoperability Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, he led the five year NIH-funded effort to build OpenICE, an open source platform for interoperable medical apps. He is now working on improving the safety and security of applications for data collection, smart alarms, and physiologic closed-loop control.

Mr. Arney is a PhD Candidate at the PRECISE Center of the University of Pennsylvania, concentrating on formal analysis and verification of embedded systems. He spent a year at the FDA as a scholar in residence, and has been heavily involved in standards development with ASTM, AAMI, ISO, and other organizations.

He is working on extending IoT platforms with the metadata, provenance, and other information needed to support innovative Medical Internet of Things applications. He is also interested in regulatory structures for 3D printable and software-only medical devices without a Manufacturer of Record, and advanced manufacturing technologies that enable new sensors and acutators.

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September 1, 2017