Fernando Bermejo

Fernando is a faculty associate at the Berkman Center and the research and program director of Media Cloud. He is also profesor asociado at IE University in Madrid. His research focuses on the different forms of measuring the Internet—people, content, infrastructure, activity—and he is working on a database (Net Data Directory) that aims to compile a comprehensive list of data sources about the Internet. He is also interested in the evolution of the different forms of online advertising and on the process of commercialization of interactivity.

For over a decade, he was associate professor in the Department of Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and previously worked on applied research as Senior Analyst at the Internet Research Group LLC and Research Analyst at CDNOW Inc. He has also served as regional editor for Latin America on a large scale multi-national research project (Mapping Digital Media). He is the author of “The Internet Audience: Constitution and Measurement” (Peter Lang, New York) and editor of “On Communicating: Otherness, Meaning, and Information” (Routledge: New York). Fernando holds a Ph.D. in Audiovisual Communication from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, and an M.A. from the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania).

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May 9, 2016