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Babatunde Okunoye is a researcher on digital society, particularly in the context of the global south. His research focuses on Information Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D). He is a Fellow with the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society.  

Babatunde led research at Paradigm Initiative, a social enterprise working on digital rights and inclusion in Africa. He is a 2018 Fellow of the African School on Internet Governance, and a 2019 Open Technology Fund Senior Information Controls Fellow with the Tor Project.  

Babatunde’s current research focuses on the use of aggregate search engine queries to inform public policy and international development, particularly in statistically poor contexts of developing countries.  

His work has been featured on such platforms such as the International Telecommunications Union and The Council on Foreign Relations. 



Nigeria: There can be no digital identity (ID) without digital security

Babatunde Okunoye explains the importance of digital security for ID systems.

Jul 20, 2021
BKC Medium Collection

What happened with digital rights in Africa in Q1 2021?

Tunde Okunoye shares an overview of developments in digital rights in Africa for the BKC Medium Collection.

Apr 12, 2021
Council on Foreign Relations

Technology and Youth Represent Nigeria’s Path Out of the Woods

Tunde Okunoye discusses the roles of Nigerian youth and technology in a post for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Apr 12, 2021
BKC Medium Collection

Nigeria’s revised Cybersecurity Policy

Tunde Okunoye on codifying bug bounty programs in cybersecurity practice

Feb 28, 2021
BKC Medium Collection

Internet Shutdowns in 2021

Tunde Okunoye urges a rethinking of advocacy strategies against internet shutdowns

Jan 6, 2021
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Data for better lives

Babatunde Okunoye writes about an agenda for meaningful connectivity in Africa

Oct 27, 2020