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Center for Democracy and Technology CEO Nuala O’Connor cites the Information Fiduciaries framework in this Recode Decode podcast about what a federal privacy bill could look like.

"We’re seeing, potentially, real alternative visions of how a company uses your data and your information. And so, I guess that’s the war that I see, or the conflict I see is the narrative about how much of my data is mine, and I don’t really like the US construct of ownership. I don’t think of it as a property right, I think of it as a human right...

"But you’re familiar with the Jonathan Zittrain and Jack Balkin Construct of Information Fiduciary... The idea is that a company or an institution that is holding your data on your behalf to provide you a service, whether it’s email or a phone or whatever the service is, not unlike the way a bank holds your money in fiduciary trust for you, has an ongoing duty of care to you."

Listen at Recode...

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