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"Don't Panic: Making Progress on the 'Going Dark' Debate" now in Portuguese.

Don't Panic cover

"Don't Panic: Making Progress on the 'Going Dark' Debate" now in Portuguese after translation by ITS Rio.

With the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University convened a diverse group of security and public policy experts from academia, civil society, and US intelligence services to begin addressing some of the more challenging and persistent issues in surveillance and cybersecurity.

The group met with the understanding that there was no shortage of debate. The goal was to promote frank dialogue, beyond the usual topics, among people who do not usually have the chance to interact and, with that, contribute in meaningful and concrete ways to the discourse on these issues.

A public debate took place in parallel to the meetings: the allegations and questionings about the government being faced with a scenario that is "getting in the dark" as a result of new forms of cryptography introduced in services and products of mass consumption by companies that offer them. We seek to condense our conversations and conclusions here. Participants in our group who sign this report, listed on the next page, endorse the views and opinions reached by the group in general, but not necessarily each of the conclusions and recommendations.

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