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Assembly, at the Berkman Klein Center & MIT Media Lab, gathers developers, managers, and tech industry professionals for a rigorous spring term course on internet policy and a twelve-week collaborative development period to explore hard problems with running code.

Each Assembly cohort comes together around a defined challenge. In 2017, the Assembly pilot program focused on the future of digital security, and in 2018 the group came together to tackle the challenges of artificial intelligence and its governance

Our Work 01

Jun 1, 2018

Coming in from the Cold: A Safe Harbor from the CFAA and DMCA §1201

A proposal for a statutory safe harbor from the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and DMCA for security research activities. More

Community 02

The Dataset Nutrition Label Project

The Dataset Nutrition Label Project empowers data scientists and policymakers with practical tools to improve AI outcomes

Nov 27, 2018

Designing Frameworks that Allow for Intentions, Commitments and Exuberance in AI

How should we think about the ethical implications of AI-powered products and services?

Jul 2, 2018

People 06

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