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Apply for the 2020 Assembly: Disinformation Fellowship

Apply for the 2020 Assembly: Disinformation Fellowship

The Assembly Fellowship is an intensive non-residential four-month fellowship, which gathers a small cohort of technologists, managers, policymakers, and other professionals to explore emerging problems related to disinformation from a cybersecurity perspective. The Assembly Fellowship was co-developed with the MIT Media Lab; this year, it is hosted by the Berkman Klein Center.

The cohort will learn together, with other Assembly: Disinformation participants, and with the Berkman Klein Center community. The core of the Fellowship is focused on building projects. The group will divide into teams to create collaborative provocations or prototypes that offer tangible ways to better understand, counter, and draw attention to disinformation campaigns and the disinformation landscape. 

Assembly: Disinformation is organized around three tracks with a common thematic focus: the Assembly Forum, the Assembly Fellowship, and the Assembly Student Fellowship. This application is for the Assembly Fellowship. The three tracks are designed to draw upon each other’s expertise, work, and communities – in disinformation, media policy, intermediaries and platforms, cybersecurity, and other relevant areas – bringing together students, experts from the field, and technologists to better understand, and make progress on, the complex issues of disinformation and foreign interference. 

Applications are open from August 14th until September 15th 2019 at 9:00 PM EST.

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