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Mariel García-Montes is a public interest technology capacity builder and researcher from Mexico. Her main topics of interest are privacy and information security, social exclusions in technology, and participatory processes.

Currently, Mariel is a doctoral student at the History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society department at MIT, where she is also an affiliate at the Data + Feminism Lab. Most recently, Mariel was a Junior Program Officer at Wikimedia Foundation, a graduate student at the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT, and a research assistant at the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab. There, she worked at prof. Sasha Costanza-Chock's Codesign Studio and the Design Justice project, and wrote a thesis on tensions in organizational approaches to work on youth and privacy issues in the Americas.

Mariel has worked in communications, instructional design and research around open data, privacy and security, strategic communications and other digital literacies for organizations in Mexico and around the world. She is a philosophy graduate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Mariel loves passionate opinions in the intersections of technology and society, creative communications efforts, random acts of kindness, passport stamps, and both eating and dancing salsa.


May 9, 2018

Youth, Digital Transformation, and Forms of Inclusion in Latin America


A reflection on the challenges and opportunities that arise from digital practices by new generations. (en español)


Sep 18, 2018

Just Say No to ‘Just Say No’

Berkman Klein Affiliate Mariel García-Montes publishes main findings and takeaways from her graduate thesis on approaches to youth privacy online in this Medium post.


Rest of World

The startup offering free toilets and coffee for delivery workers — in exchange for their data

BKC Affiliate Mariel García–Montes comments on Nippy, the startup that offers gig workers services, like bathroom access, in exchange for their data.

Apr 15, 2024

Should we Kik anonymous messaging to the curb?

How the anonymous messaging platform Kik should approach safety for its young audience

Nov 12, 2018


May 7, 2019 @ 12:00 PM


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