Griffin Boyce

Griffin Boyce works on a variety of digital security projects. These include tamper-resistant software distribution, censorship detection and bypass in the field, and security training for activists and domestic violence survivors. He also makes Cupcake Bridge, a browser extension that allows users to expand access to the Tor network.

Lately he's been working to increase the accuracy of identifying ER-positive breast cancer cells in biopsy slides using machine learning, with the goal of automated Allred scoring for researchers. Ultimately, this methodology could lead to decreased waiting times for patients in areas with limited access to pathologists.

He is a Fellow with X-Lab and a Senior Security Researcher for the Open Internet Tools Project. Other projects he's contributed to include Commotion Wireless, Tails, Gender Outreach, and the Tor Project. 

In his spare time, he dabbles in urban gardening, painting, video games, and travels the world. 

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November 21, 2017