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Emma Day


Emma Day, Human Rights Lawyer & Child Protection Consultant at UNICEF East Asia & Pacific Regional Office Emma recently completed her second LLM as a Fulbright Scholar at UC Berkeley with a specialisation in Law and Technology. The focus of Emma’s research is currently on the tensions between children’s rights to protection from violence online, and their rights to data privacy and security.

Currently based in California, she works remotely for the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office where she is leading a number of initiatives related to child online protection. Emma is also part of the UNICEF Data Governance Working Group which aims to ensure that children’s rights are protected and promoted within global data governance initiatives. She has spent the past ten years living in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia, where she has worked on a range of human rights issues with a focus on access to justice and legal empowerment for women, children, LGBTIQ people, and people living with HIV and TB. She has consulted for the Open Society Foundation, the Data & Society Research Institute, and the Centre for Justice & Crime Prevention, as well as for a number of UN agencies including UNDP, UN Women, and the UN Global Commission on HIV & the Law. In 2014 she co-founded Child Redress International which promotes access to compensation for child victims of sexual exploitation.



COVID-19: A spotlight on child data governance gaps

Emma Day and colleagues share challenges related to the protection of children’s data during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aug 31, 2020