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Velislava Hillman obtained her PhD in Media and Communications in 2018 from University of Westminster, UK. Her thesis focused on identifying how children learned and what they creatively produced through the use of digital media in school in juxtaposition to their creative engagements with digital media at home.

Having spent over ten years researching children, pre-teens and teens, Velislava developed a number of media publications for the younger audiences through which she has continuously reinforced the need to voice and acknowledge children’s and young people's perspectives on as well as experiences and interests in everything from everyday phenomena to career choices, from social and emotional issues to digital media technologies.

While at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Velislava will dedicate her time to develop a platform based on decentralised technologies that can serve to voice children's and young people's perspectives and enable them to take an active role in shaping education.