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Titi is a thought leader in public policy for digital economies in Africa. She is focused on helping to shape the enabling environment needed for an innovating and thriving digital economy on the continent and beyond.

She has spent the last two decades discerning the what, which, and the how of public policies are used to harness digital opportunities while mediating emerging tensions. She will spend her time as a fellow thinking, convening, and writing on the digital economy — more specifically, the socio-cultural intersections between privacy, AI and 'developing economies’.

She explores the gap that exists between the value choices made by digital innovators - especially those utilising deep learning technologies to address societal issues – and the societies in Africa that are largely invisible due to ‘access’ gaps.



African countries must work together for Good ID

Berkman Klein Fellow Titi Akinsanmi discusses how policy for digital ID could develop in 2019 and what she hopes to see globally and on the African continent.

Monday, Jan 28, 2019