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Public Defenders Are About to Be on the Front Lines for Protecting Abortion Rights

Alejandra Caraballo provides an overview on how surveillance technology can impact prosecutions in the Post-Roe era.

People are rightly already asking, What would happen to me?after using a map app to drive a friend across state lines to a clinic or to bring them misoprostol. People who have never experienced a police officer thumbing through the texts on their phones are downloading the encrypted messaging app Signal (and if you already use Signal, you may have noticed this uptick in new contacts). People who would not think twice about typing the word abortion into a search engine may be pausing for the first time. 

“Companies that traffic in personal, geolocation, advertising, or other data could become digital crime scenes for eager prosecutors armed with subpoenas,” cautioned Alejandra Caraballo, a clinical instructor at the Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic. Groups like Digital Defense Fund with expertise in reproductive justice are already in place to help people protect their rights and their communications.

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