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Fellows have expertise and interests range from intellectual property law and algorithmic infrastructure, to privacy…

We are delighted to announce that four local-area students will join the Berkman Klein Center as Graduate Student…

Scholars will use their time with the Institute to investigate urgent social media issues and propose mitigations...


The latest news and commentary from our community.

The Harvard Gazette

Key issues in writers' case against OpenAI explained

BKC Director Rebecca Tushnet explains key issues in the writers' case against OpenAI and discusses some of the broader…

Sep 21, 2023

Why false advertising suits are on the rise in the fast-food industry

BKC Director Rebecca Tushnet explains the harms of false advertising and the need for remedies. 

Sep 20, 2023
Tech Policy Press

Will AI Degrade Online Communities?

BKC Senior Research Coordinator Kaylie Mayberry explains how increased use of generative AI may degrade online…

Sep 7, 2023
The Atlantic

Robots Are Already Killing People

BKC Affiliate Bruce Schneier and Davi Ottenheimer discuss the need for regulation to enhance safety as robots become…

Sep 6, 2023
Prospect Magazine

What happens when AI trains itself?

BKC Faculty Associate Ethan Zuckerman describes roadblocks to AI's continued training and learning. 

Sep 6, 2023
Mother Jones

How Dating Became a Paradise for Predators

BKC Faculty Associate Leah Plunkett comments on the relationship between social media platforms and the harms that may…

Sep 1, 2023
Tech Policy Press

A Better Approach to Privacy for Third-Party Social Media Tools

Chad Rajendra-Nicolucci and BKC Faculty Associate Ethan Zuckerman argue that fresh approaches to privacy will be…

Aug 31, 2023

Social media, extremism, and radicalization

BKC Faculty Associate Aaron Shaw discusses the connection between social media platforms and extremist movements. 

Aug 30, 2023

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Your Face Belongs to Us: A Conversation with Kashmir Hill

Join us on Wednesday, October 25th at the Berkman Klein Center for a deep dive with Kashmir Hill, tech reporter for the…

Not With A Bug, But With A Sticker

Ram Shankar Siva Kumar shows how major AI systems remain vulnerable to exploits...

Now & Next: Platform Accountability and Content Governance

On 9/22, live mock deliberations, panels reflecting on the Oversight Board’s first three years, and conversations…

A Convivial Social Media?

May 22, join us for a discussion and workshop using the lens of conviviality to ask how we create healthier and more…

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The Institute for Rebooting Social Media

The Institute for Rebooting Social Media is a three-year "pop-up" initiative that will address the biggest questions in…

Policy Practice

The Policy Practice is a public interest-oriented program that helps governmental, nonprofit, and private sector…

Initiative for a Representative First Amendment

IfRFA is a shared project between the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and the Cyberlaw Clinic.

Luncheon Series

The Berkman Klein Center Luncheon Series is a weekly forum for conversations about Internet issues and research. It is…

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Youth and Media

Youth and Media (YaM) encompasses an array of research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth (age 12-18)…

Global Access in Action

Global Access in Action, a project of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, conducts…

Internet Robustness

The Internet Robustness project is developing, testing, and piloting software and protocols to safeguard the promise of…

Digital Identity

Exploring the ethical and human rights considerations of digital identity.