Dec 22 2009 12:30pm to Dec 22 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

Lessons from Laramie: Broadband Innovation on the Wireless Frontier

Brett Glass

18 years ago, Brett Glass -- an electrical engineer, inventor, and technology columnist -- established LARIAT, the first terrestrial wireless Internet service provider (WISP), in Laramie, Wyoming. What's it like to roll up your sleeves and roll out high speed connectivity to underserved and unserved areas with, literally, one's bare hands? What are the logistics? What are the challenges?

Dec 15 2009 12:30pm to Dec 15 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

Parent versus Child Reports of Internet Behaviors and Support for Strategies to Prevent Negative Effects of Online Exposure

Sahara Byrne, Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Sahara Byrne will discuss a nation-wide survey of 1812 parents with children who have access to the internet examines parental support for various strategies to protect their children from negative effects.