Commenting on the Berkman Center's broadband study for the FCC

It has been three weeks since the FCC posted for public comment the Berkman Center’s study of international experience with broadband transitions and policy. The FCC recently upgraded its comment facility, and we want to encourage everyone who cares about the future of broadband, and the National Broadband Plan, to take advantage of this updated system and to add their comments to the appropriate FCC dockets. The comment period for the Berkman Center study closes November 16.

Nov 3 2009 12:30pm to Nov 3 2009 12:30pm

From Broadcast to Broadband: Redesigning public media for the 21st Century

Ellen Goodman of Rutgers University School of Law & Jake Shapiro, Executive Director, Public Radio Exchange (PRX)

Ellen and Jake Shapiro lead a discussion on how within the broader story of media transformation generally, there’s an important role played by public broadcasting as it also transitions to a more expansive identity as “public media.”