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Harvard x Creators: Making Evidence-Based Public Health Information Viral

Harvard x Creators: Making Evidence-Based Public Health Information Viral

RSM Speaker Series, April 24

RSM welcomes Amanda Yarnell and Kate Speer for a conversation with Visiting Scholar Jeff Hall about the Center for Health Communication‘s efforts to improve the quality of public health information circulating online.

The $16 billion influencer marketing industry is often seen as churning out viral videos exclusively for profit. Now imagine if we used that same playbook to disseminate evidence-based public health information. The Center for Health Communication is connecting creators with public health evidence and experts in a bid to do just that. By deploying its Creators Summit program as a field experiment on TikTok, the Center has identified simple, cost-effective, and creator-led interventions that can be deployed at scale to influence health content on such platforms. Join us to discuss how “influencing the influencers” might improve health information ecosystems on social media, influence the health beliefs and behaviors of social media users, and even catalyze needed health policy change.

Amanda Yarnell is senior director of Harvard T.H. Chan School’s Center for Health Communication and a faculty member in its Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences. 

Kate Speer, a mental health advocate and marketing executive, was a participating creator in Harvard’s inaugural Creators Summit and is now working with the Center for Health Communication to scale the program. 

Jeffrey Hall is a visiting scholar at RSM and a professor of communication at the University of Kansas.

Past Event
Apr 24, 2024
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET
1557 Massachusetts Ave
5th floor
Cambridge, MA 02138 US