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May 14, hosted by Initiative for a Representative First Amendment

ComstockCon is a convening inspired by the fallout from the Dobbs decision and attacks on bodily autonomy. We’ll bring together organizers, historians, attorneys, journalists, artists, writers, and others to trace the connections between the political context in which the Comstock Act was passed and how it constrains our present. 

Our team is advised by a committee of leading voices in movements for bodily autonomy, including reproductive justice, sex workers’ rights, disability justice, trans justice, and justice for criminalized survivors: Danielle Blunt, Renee Bracey Sherman, Gillian Frank, Jules Gill-Peterson, and Andrea Grimes.

We imagine (and want to build) a constituency as broad and interconnected as those Anthony Comstock sought to harm. We hope you’ll join us.

May 14, 2024
Berkman Klein Center
Cambridge, MA 02138 US