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Vasilis Kostakis is Professor at TalTech, Estonia, and Faculty Associate at Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center.

He is also the Founder of the P2P Lab. Vasilis studies the convergence of the digital commons with local manufacturing technologies. While at Harvard, he focuses on how to create a sustainable economy based on locally productive communities that are digitally interconnected.

Vasilis has written essays for several outlets such as the Harvard Business Review and Aeon. His work has appeared in 16 languages.

He is the director of science popularization project.



Is the Smart City a Good City?

An overview of smart cities and whether they can be forces for good.

Feb 13, 2020

Cosmolocalism in a nutshell

Vasilis Kostakis describes sustainable, commons-based design and manufacture in prosthetics & in agricultural machinery for small farms.

Nov 15, 2018