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Our community includes a vibrant and diverse network of faculty, staff, fellows, students, and practitioners representing a wide range of backgrounds, philosophies, and disciplines. For press and media inquiries reach out to us at For all other inquiries write to

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Marta Basystiuk

Marta Basystiuk is a legal expert who has worked extensively to support judicial and public-sector reforms in Ukraine.

Anthony Cascione

Anthony Cascione is a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, where he serves as the Project Manager of BKC’s Nymity project.

Juliana Castro-Varon

Juliana Castro-Varon is a designer, Fulbright scholar and the Founder of Cita Press, an award-winning open-access library and publishing studio.

Rumman Chowdhury

Dr. Rumman Chowdhury’s passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. She is a pioneer in the field of applied algorithmic…

Sandra Cortesi

Sandra Cortesi is a Fellow at the Berkman Center and the Director of Youth and Media. She is responsible for coordinating the Youth and Media’s…

Elizabeth Dubois

Dr. Elizabeth Dubois (PhD, University of Oxford) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and University Research Chair in…

Padmashree Gehl Sampath

Padmashree Gehl Sampath is a leading expert on trade policy, innovation policy and economic development.

Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee is a Fellow with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. She is a scholar of tech, politics, and social…

Rosemary Leith

Rosemary is a Fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, joining the Internet Robustness team, building awareness and facilitating global …

Faith Majekolagbe

Faith Majekolagbe is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law where she teaches intellectual property law and…

Florian Martin-Bariteau

Dr. Florian Martin-Bariteau is a Fellow of the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and the University Research Chair in…

Petra Molnar

Petra Molnar is a lawyer and anthropologist specializing on the impacts of migration technologies on people crossing borders.

June Okal

June is an Employee Fellow at Berkman Klein Center’s Institute for Rebooting Social Media (RSM) project. She collaborates closely with the Institute…

Shreya Tewari

Shreya is an Employee Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center working with the Lumen Project.

Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood is a Berkman Center fellow contributing to the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project.