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Our community includes a vibrant and diverse network of faculty, staff, fellows, students, and practitioners representing a wide range of backgrounds, philosophies, and disciplines. For press and media inquiries reach out to us at For all other inquiries write to

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Anthony Cascione

Anthony Cascione is a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, where he serves as the Project Manager of BKC’s Nymity project.

Sandra Cortesi

Sandra Cortesi is a Fellow at the Berkman Center and the Director of Youth and Media. She is responsible for coordinating the Youth and Media’s…

Padmashree Gehl Sampath

Padmashree Gehl Sampath is a leading expert on trade policy, innovation policy and economic development.

Rosemary Leith

Rosemary is a Fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, joining the Internet Robustness team, building awareness and facilitating global …

Sabelo Mhlambi

Sabelo Mhlambi is the founder of Bantucracy a public interest organization that focuses on ubuntu ethics and technology, a Technology & Human Rights…

David O'Brien

David O’Brien is a Senior Researcher and the Assistant Research Director for Privacy and Security at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

Shreya Tewari

Shreya is an Employee Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center working with the Lumen Project.

Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood is a Berkman Center fellow contributing to the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project.