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Andrew West


Andrew is an undergraduate at Yale University studying Statistics and Data Science. He joins the BKC via the Obama-Chesky Voyager Scholarship, a two year program providing funding and training for a select cohort of students to undertake immersive public service projects. 

Andrew is excited to support ongoing research at the intersection of industry and policy via the RSM and ASML. Broadly, Andrew’s research interests center on how quantitative technologies can be used and regulated to promote environmental and social justice. He is currently a Director’s Fellow at the Yale Digital Ethics Center where he is investigating pathways for legislation regulating recommender systems to survive First Amendment challenges. He also serves on the board of All Tech is Human’s University Network and as a student fellow at the Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. Previously, Andrew participated in anti-surveillance advocacy with the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), as well as research into environmental hazards in US prisons at the MIT Media Lab.   Originally from rural New Mexico, Andrew is a lifelong skier and avid lover of the outdoors.