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Nathaniel Lubin


Nathaniel Lubin has spent his career focused on digital strategy, technology, and politics. Recently, his work has centered on developing novel approaches to improving online discourse, building measurement tools, and combating misinformation. He founded Fellow Americans, a non-profit which creates and tests more effective digital content, focusing on topics like COVID-19 response, civic participation, and improved social trust while working with some of the largest progressive organizations. He is the CEO of Survey 160, a software product designed to source data for polling and research. His consulting firm has assisted more than 30 startups, major corporations, foundations, and advocacy organizations working to leverage technology and digital tools to better communicate with key audiences. Nathaniel previously was the Director of the Office of Digital Strategy at the White House where he led a team of strategists and practitioners to modernize the way the White House engaged and communicated with the American public. Before that, he served as Director of Digital Marketing at Obama for America in 2012 where he led the largest paid digital fundraising, persuasion, and outreach programs yet run in politics with a budget of more than $112 million. Nathaniel also worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign and helped launch Bully Pulpit Interactive, a leading digital marketing firm. Originally from New York, Lubin is an honors graduate from Harvard University.


Jun 12, 2023

Accountability Infrastructure

How to implement limits on platform optimization to protect population health

A white paper that builds upon the history of public health for addressing the systemic harms of online platforms.


Aug 9, 2023

Platform Accountability: Developing Systems to More Meaningfully Assess and Mitigate Platform Harms

Assembly Fellow Nate Lubin recaps his fellowship project, a white paper which argues for a series of platform accountability mechanisms informed by the field of public health.


The Atlantic

What to Do About the Junkification of the Internet

Nathaniel Lubin writes about internet "junkification."

Mar 12, 2024

Nobody knows which political ads work and why

BKC Affiliate Nathaniel Lubin comments on a recent study released by himself and co-authors, as well as what political ads may look like this election cycle.

Feb 15, 2024
American Political Science Review

How Experiments Help Campaigns Persuade Voters: Evidence from a Large Archive of Campaigns’ Own Experiments

Along with co-authors, BKC Affiliate Nathaniel Lubin analyzes an archive of 146 advertising experiments conducted by US campaigns in 2018 and 2020.

Feb 8, 2024

How Tech Regulation Can Leverage Product Experimentation Results

BKC Affiliate Nathaniel Lubin writes about how tech regulation could benefit from using the data from companies' private experimentation results.

Jul 11, 2023
Tech Policy Press

How to Assess Platform Impact on Mental Health and Civic Norms

BKC Affiliate Nathaniel Lubin writes about methods and approaches of evaluating effects of digital platforms on mental health.

Jun 22, 2023
The Atlantic

We've Been Thinking About the Internet All Wrong

BKC Affiliate Nathaniel Lubin writes about using the field of public health as inspiration for a new metaphor for the internet.

Jun 21, 2023


Mar 12, 2024 @ 9:30 AM

Building Accountability Infrastructures for Social Media and LLMs with a Focus on Mental Health

In-Person Workshop

While moderation is important for what we call social media’s “acute harms,” societal-scale harms – such as negative effects on mental health and social trust – require new forms…