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Madhavi Sunder


Madhavi Sunder, the Frank Sherry Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Georgetown University Law Center, is a widely published and influential scholar of intellectual property law, law and technology, women’s human rights, and international development. Her scholarship is interdisciplinary, straddling private and public law, and engages the global dimensions of law, from patents and access to medicines, including Covid 19 vaccines, to trademarks and university brands. Her book, From Goods to a Good Life: Intellectual Property and Global Justice (Yale University Press 2012) brings a humanist approach to intellectual property law. The author of over 40 articles and book chapters, she has published in the Yale Law Journal, the Stanford Law Review, the University of Michigan Law Review, the California Law Review, and many other leading law reviews. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, L.A Times, PBS Newshour, The Harvard Business Review and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Professor Sunder will use her Fellowship year at the BKC to write a book on cultural appropriation and intellectual property. Her research interests include racial capitalism, moral cultural economy, biopiracy, traditional knowledge, and law and popular culture.


The Washington Post

Does copyright help artists? Not necessarily, say these writers.

Madhavi Sunder reviews Who Owns This Sentence?, which weaves through the history of copyright and grapples with key current issues.

Feb 14, 2024
Harvard International Law Journal

Intellectual Property and “The Lost Year” of COVID-19 Deaths

Madhavi Sunder and Haochen Sun explain how Intellectual Property protections impacted the COVID-19 pandemic and the development, availability, and distribution of the COVID…

Nov 8, 2023