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Do tech companies have a responsibility for false content beyond the impact of that content on the information environment on their sites? More

BKC co-hosts conversation on digital data and public health More

Animal Crossing reclaims a sense of control in our daily lives More


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The New York Times

People Can’t Stop Watching Videos of Police and Protesters. That’s the Idea.

Supercuts of police behavior are receiving enormous numbers of views.

Jun 2, 2020
Bloomberg Quint

Surveillance Technology Will Only Get More Intense After Covid

Bruce Schneier on contact tracing apps: 

“The smartphone is the most invasive surveillance device our…

Jun 2, 2020

Community and technology

Noa Gafni on how citizens are self-organizing during the COVID-19 crisis

Jun 2, 2020

Free Speech is Circular

Trump, Twitter, and the Public Interest

Jun 1, 2020

Trump's Tweets Force Twitter Into a High-Wire Act

evelyn douek cautions against expecting a platform like Twitter to completely solve the problems of political discourse.

May 29, 2020
Dangerous Speech Project

As Twitter Takes on Trump, It Must Explain Itself

Susan Benesch argues that when it comes to Trump's tweets, Twitter must explain clearly how or why a tweet violated its…

May 29, 2020
On the Media

Boiling Point

Apryl Williams examines the Karen meme and what it tells us about criticism of privilege in the pandemic and Jessie…

May 29, 2020
With a Side of Knowledge

Mutale Nkonde on AI and bias

Mutale Nkonde discusses AI, algorithmic bias, and why we need humans on Notre Dame’s With a Side of Knowledge Podcast

May 28, 2020

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Contact Tracing and Technology: A Deep Dive

BKC co-hosts conversation on digital data and public health More

[Virtual] Data and COVID-19

Health data, contact tracing, and misinformation More

[Virtual] COVID-19 and Inequality in the Global South

A discussion on the economic and healthcare fallouts for low-income countries More

[Virtual] Assembly Fellowship Project Showcase

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