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MIT Technology Review

Camille Francois named to MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35

BKC affiliate Camille Francois uses data science to detect disinformation and organized harassment campaigns

Jun 26, 2019

A History of IP in 50 Objects: Internet

Perhaps the best physical representation of the genius of the Internet—and in particular, “Internet Protocol”—is found…

Jun 25, 2019
Irish Tech News

How Technology Affects Our Ideas

A Q&A with BKC’s David Weinberger, author of “Everyday Chaos”

Jun 25, 2019
ECT News Network

Proposed Law Would Force Big Tech to Reveal Value of Consumer Data

U.S. Senate bill would require companies to report to financial regulators and to the public what consumer data they…

Jun 25, 2019

Chrome’s privacy changes are a humbling reminder for subscription publishers

A software update to Chrome will make websites unable to detect whether visitors are browsing the web in “incognito…

Jun 25, 2019
Coding Blocks

Inside Google Summer of Code at the Berkman Klein Center

Berkman Klein’s Google Summer of Code intern Sanket Singh shares his experience

Jun 24, 2019
Harvard Law Today

Are Americans Getting Enough Fiber?

The U.S. is falling behind in fiber optic technology, but cities and localities are leading the way

Jun 22, 2019
Diversity in Action

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Separating fact from fiction in the new Wild West of technology

Jun 21, 2019

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Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative

In 2017 the Berkman Klein Center and the MIT Media Lab launched the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence… More

AI: Educational Activities

The Berkman Klein Center has worked to build a robust community and institutional activities leveraging the University… More

Berklett Cybersecurity

The Berklett Cybersecurity project is a unique forum for discussing true and important, and often novel, facts, and… More

AI: Algorithms and Justice

The use of algorithms in the judiciary has already raised significant questions about bias and fairness, and looking… More

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the way we use technology

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May 21, 2019

Ghost Work

How services delivered by companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Uber can only function smoothly thanks to the… More

VIDEO & PODCAST: Are the algorithms that surface and rank your resume for job recruiters biased with respect to gender? More

The social media have been accused of contributing to everything from terrorism to genocide. They have also been the… More

May 14, 2019

Everyday Chaos

VIDEO & PODCAST: In his new book, Everyday Chaos, David Weinberger points to accepted ways we work on the Internet that… More