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What We Learned During the Fall 2022 Research Sprint

Scholars will use their time with the Institute to investigate urgent social media issues and propose mitigations...

Ardern will further the mission of the Christchurch Call in collaboration with BKC's vibrant research community...


The latest news and commentary from our community.


Molly White Tracks Crypto Scams. It’s Going Just Great

BKC Affiliate Molly White discusses her blog, Web3 Is Going Just Great, that tracks crypto scams and hacks.

May 30, 2023
The Guardian

‘I do not think ethical surveillance can exist’: Rumman Chowdhury on accountability in AI

BKC Responsible AI Fellow Rumman Chowdhury is interviewed about bridging the gap between people and technology.

May 29, 2023

Uncommon Naledge: Meredith Clark

Jabari Evans talks with Incoming RSM Fellow Meredith Clark about media, journalism, and Black community.

May 23, 2023
GBH News

Legal questions surround Montana's TikTok ban

BKC Affiliate Bruce Schneier discusses the practical considerations of Montana's TikTok ban.

May 19, 2023
The Verge

A history of metaphors for the internet

BKC Faculty Associate Judith Donath discusses metaphors for the internet.

May 18, 2023
The Markup

Section 230 Just Survived a Brush with Death

Tweets by Rebooting Social Media Visiting Scholar Kate Klonick are referenced in a discussion of Gonzalez v. Google and…

May 18, 2023

Create an IPCC-like body to harness benefits and combat harms of digital tech

BKC Affiliate Joseph Bak-Coleman, BKC Director James Mickens, and BKC Faculty Associate Zeynep Tufekci write to…

May 17, 2023

Unfair Automated Hiring Systems Are Everywhere

BKC Faculty Associate Ifeoma Ajunwa writes about how algorithms can exacerbate employment discrimination.

May 15, 2023

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A Convivial Social Media?

May 22, join us for a discussion and workshop using the lens of conviviality to ask how we create healthier and more…

Join Julia Angwin, investigative journalist and New York Times contributing Opinion writer, and Brandon Silverman,…

7 Fellows Predict the Future: Many questions and some answers on human capital, artificial intelligence, politics, and rights!

Join Bruce Schneier, security researcher and affiliate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard…

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