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StopBadware cultivates a network of individuals and organizations that share a common goal of eliminating viruses, spyware, and other bad software. We connect the members of this network with actionable knowledge they can use to fight badware effectively.

By fighting badware, StopBadware and its constituents are helping to build a world in which people are the masters of their own machines. In this world, we each make informed decisions about how and when our hardware, software, and network connections are used.

More information about StopBadware can be found on our website.

This project is sponsored in part by Google, Mozilla, and Paypal. 

Our Work 02

Dec 4, 2006 @ 12:30 PM

Christina Olson, Berkman Fellow, and the StopBadware Staff

Christina Olson & StopBadware staff discussed, a neighborhood watch for the internet. More

May 6, 2003 @ 12:30 PM

Adware and Spyware

Ben Edelman

Berkman Luncheon Series: 5/07/03 - Ben Edelman on Adware and Spyware More